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Is Madeira Airport really scary?

levadeiro/ February 26, 2009/ Madeira, Question, Uncategorized

Do you think that the Madeira Airport is a scary runway to land on? Wedged in by one side the mountains and the other side the Atlantic ocean, it requires special training for pilots to do a clockwise approach. Some say that despite a unique extension that was completed back in 2003 and now expands the runway length to what

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The Principality of the Pontinha “breaks away” from Portugal

levadeiro/ December 1, 2007/ Funchal, Madeira, News, Uncategorized

While some political voices on Madeira are ‘whispering’ of the possibilities for an independent Madeira … it seems that a very small part of Madeira itself already is taking steps in that direction … Prince D. Renato Barros, sovereign of the Principality of the Pontinha (Portuguese: Principado da Pontinha or Principado do Ilhéu da Pontinha), has formally announced the secession

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Madeira with Easter

levadeiro/ May 11, 2007/ Guest Bloggers, Madeira, Tips, Uncategorized, Weather

This is a report from two good friends from the Netherlands (Wim and Bas) who visited Madeira this last Easter. They share their views of the island and also a few tips for other visitors. We went to Madeira to spend Easter with our friend who lives there for almost 3 years. We had our flights from Amsterdam to Funchal

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Is Madeira safe?

levadeiro/ April 19, 2007/ FAQ, Life, Madeira

Just received an unexpected question from Joan S. (Cincinnati, US) My husband and I are fed up. We are searching the web for places with no or low criminality. We came across your blog. Is this island Madera a safe place? We need to go away from all these VT killings, massacre and terror. Thanx Joan Madeira is a friendly

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Cristiano Ronaldo

levadeiro/ April 14, 2007/ Madeira, People, Sports, Uncategorized

Cristiano Ronaldo from the Madeira Island … seeks to be the best of the best (ever) in the world of soccer / football. “Cristiano at 22 has definitely got to the level of the best player in the world. Thereafter it will be up to the people and coaches around the world to decide if he is as good as

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Madeira in short

levadeiro/ January 11, 2007/ FAQ, Island, Madeira, Madeira Islands, Uncategorized

Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago that is located between 32°22.3’N 16°16.5’W and 33°7.8’N 17°16.65’W in the north Atlantic Ocean. It is since 1976 an autonomous region of Portugal. The largest of the group of islands is Madeira. Of the other three islands in the group, only Porto Santo is inhabited; the Desertas and Selvagens groups are too rocky and narrow

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