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Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta 2008

levadeiro/ July 22, 2006/ Funchal500, Madeira, Regatta, Sea, Tips, Uncategorized

Host ports for the Funchal 500 – Tall Ships Regatta 2008 were announced in Lisbon this week. The Regatta will take place in September 2008 and is being organised by Sail Training International. The port Falmouth, in the south west of England, has been selected as the start port. The fleet will race from there at the beginning of September

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Popular Saints

levadeiro/ June 11, 2006/ Events, Folklore, Madeira, Things To Do, Tips, Uncategorized

The celebrations begin with Santo António (Saint Anthony), in the parish of the same name, where on the night of 12 June there is a traditional street parade with lots of colour, fun and excitement. Between 23 and 25 June is the time when São João (Saint John) is celebrated. In Funchal, this time sees lively, typically Madeiran folk festivities

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Fresh Weekend

levadeiro/ June 6, 2006/ Dance, Events, Madeira, Music, Things To Do, Tips, Travel, Uncategorized

The company “Fresh Produções”, in an unusual initiative taking place between the 14th and 18th of June, is promoting the “Fresh Weekend” event, which, in addition to a musical component, also has other activities of great interest. The “Quinta da Rochinha” lodge at Ponta de Sol and the Hotel Calheta Beach will be the hosts for this event where the

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Surf’s Up!

levadeiro/ May 30, 2006/ Madeira, Sea, Sports, Things To Do, Tips, Uncategorized

I am going to Madeira for Holidays. What? Madeira?? Only old people goes for holidays to that island! There is nothing there for young people like us. (Looking at his hair …. grey!) Like you?? Yes! Name one typically thing that young people can do there on that island …. Just name one! SURFING The island of Madeira is probably

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Wallet size currency cheat sheet

levadeiro/ May 25, 2006/ Tips, Travel, Uncategorized

What does the Madeira visitors from the UK, the US, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Asian countries, South Africa, Venezuela and others all have in common? When paying in Euros they ask themselves ‘How much does that cost in …’ their own currency? There is a handy way to solve this. Travelocity offers a currency converter page that allows you to print

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Flower Festival 2006

levadeiro/ May 1, 2006/ Attractions, Flowers, Madeira, Things To Do, Tips, Travel, Uncategorized

Yesterday was the main highlight of the traditional Flower Festival of Funchal, the parade of flower. More than 1000 of participants, mainly children, covered with the most beautiful flowers parading the streets of Funchal. And as I am man of few words … let the pictures tell you how beautiful it was. Click here to see more pictures (Update 2006-05-01)

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levadeiro/ March 25, 2006/ Life, Madeira, Tips, Travel, Uncategorized

For those who think that life on an island, such as Madeira, is about relaxing … sitting on a terrace …. enjoying the sun and a cold drink … … that ONLY applies to the tourists! When you decide to live on Madeira than you are not a tourist any more. There is no hotel service … no room cleaning

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