Cais do Carvão

Located in between the lido swimming pool and clubhouse Naval do Funchal (that was before Quinta Calaça), is the former Pier Wilson, now known as Cais do Carvão (Coal Wharf). The pier was built in 1903. From here many vapour-vessels passing were supplied with coal on their way through Funchal Read more…

Madeira Waterworks

Filmed yesterday … edited in the evening and uploaded at midnight. Result …. a dramatic film (thanks to the music added by Youtube) of the fury of the waves at the marina of Lugar de Baixo. It is just as spectacular as the New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Funchal (that Read more…

Christmas under the Atlantic Ocean

Strange title … but it’s true. Madeira Diving School Tubarão Madeira came with the idea to place and decorate a Christmas tree on the sea bed.

They prepared the tree in a way that it was easy to place it under the water. The Christmas balls were filled with water in order not to drift off. This initiative was not only a surpirse for the visitors that were diving in the area …. but also for the fish who were not used to this human tradition … although some daredevils went nibbling on the balls.

The tree will stay underneath the ocean until the New Year and …. they will repeat this new tradition in the same site next year.

Funchal 500 Years – Tall Ships Regatta

Attention: follow this link to read the latest update about the race.

As we recently mentioned the Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta and Festival do Mar 2008 will be Madeira’s biggest event for this year …. as part of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Funchal … capital city of Madeira Islands.

Host Ports Map of the Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta

A large fleet of sail training Tall Ships will start (10 – 13 September) from the historic port of Falmouth on the south west coast of England … and race to the Ilhavo, Port of Aveiro – Portugal (20 – 23 September). From there the Tall Ships will continue their race to Funchal – Madeira …. where they will join the festivities, celebrations and Maritime Festival in the city (2 – 5 October).

Also we have a complete list of the participating vessels (more…)

Dolphins – Delfines – Delphine – Dauphins – Dolfijnen

Dolphins (Delphinidae) … beautiful aquatic mammals which symbolizes joy, freedom, grace and serenity, are also considered to be the most intelligent of all animals, and are very popular because of their playful attitude and friendly appearances.

The waters of Madeira Island (Atlantic Ocean) are frequently blessed with these jewels of the sea … leaping and pushing through the blue waters with incredible speed.

Few island visitors have captured (on camera) these playful creatures. We have collected the best videos from YouTube so that you van view them here. Enjoy …. (more…)

Meteorological Phenomenon

Today on certain parts of Madeira (South Coast) a strange phenomenon took place. It was like in the film of Pirates of the Caribbean …. dense mist from the sea invaded the coastline …. and in it was …… Especially in Funchal you could see the clouds covering a large Read more…

Thunder above Madeira Waters

Bad weather on Madeira Islands? Thunderstorm? No, do not worry! These last few days we have had some beautiful weather here on the islands and still more to come. No, this picture (Thunder above Madeira Waters) was taken in November last year. Rob Dekker from the Netherlands has captured the Read more…

Regatta Les Sables РMad̬re

17th June – 5th July 2007 the first edition of the French regatta “Les Sables-Madere-Les Sables” will take place. Class 40 sailboats will travel through the Atlantic highway to finish their first leg at the marina of Quinta do Lorde. This marina is located on the extreme east side of Read more…

Funchal 500 Regatta

Falmouth will host the Funchal 500 Regatta tall ships event … that will take place on September 10 till 13 year 2008. It is anticipated that up to eight of the large A Class vessels will assemble in Falmouth for the start of the race providing a magnificent sight. The Read more…

Video: Surfing

Person 1: I am going to Madeira for Holidays. Person 2: What? Madeira?? Only old people goes for holidays to that island! There is nothing there for young people like us. Person 1 (looking at the hair of person 2 …. which is grey!) Like you?? Person 2: Yes! Name Read more…

Video: Canoeing

Did you know that canoeing is now the fastest growing water sport here on the island of Madeira? They even organize race around the island. Each year, participants from all over Portugal come to Madeira Island to test their strength and stamina with the best canoeists. The race takes place Read more…

More magical moments

Here are a few more magical shows that took place in front of Madeira … Annemie from Belgium sent me the following images of a sunrise that she took when she was driving in a cab. Unfortunately it was the first time that she left her camera in her luggage Read more…

Lost Jewel of the Atlantic

On the small Atlantic Isle of Madeira was a wave of legend.Kept secret by a cadre of big wave surfers, one of the world’s greatest surf spots lay hidden on an island lost in time. This is the story of paradise lost …. This is the story of Jardim do Read more…