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Don’t you dare to visit Madeira!

levadeiro/ March 31, 2010/ Life, Madeira, Madeira Islands, Reviews, Travel

Madeira Island is in my opinion one of the most awful places to go on holidays. Who wants to go to a beautiful island with a gorgeous nature environment situated in the Atlantic Ocean? I have heard many visitors of Madeira saying that it is a great holiday destination … and this is unfortunately true. Madeira has majestic mountains, a

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Madeira … Walk up the isle

levadeiro/ September 15, 2009/ Madeira, Madeira Islands, Reviews, Uncategorized

According to Adhamhnan O’Sullivan in the there is one thing that Madeira lacks of … and that is flatness. If you decide to make Madeira your holiday destination, be assured you will be following in famous footsteps. One of the more regular trippers was Winston Churchill who first visited in 1899 on his way to cover the Boer War

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Madeira in the NYT

levadeiro/ September 5, 2009/ History, Life, Madeira, Reviews, Uncategorized

Four (web)pages article about Madeira … its history, culture, traditions and various aspects of daily life. Written by Barbara Bell for The New York Times. Madeira has been Portuguese since the days of Prince Henry the Navigator, who sent two lieutenants, Joao Goncalves Zarco and Tristao Vaz Teixeira, on an expedition that reached Porto Santo in 1418. Returning the following

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Madeira Short Film

levadeiro/ March 14, 2009/ Films, Madeira, Reviews, Traditions, Uncategorized, Video

I was invited for the premiere of the Madeirense movie production As memórias que nunca se apagam .… “The memories that never extinguish” … that took place yesterday at the Congress Center of Madeira Casino. It is a short film made by two filmmakers Dinarte Freitas and Eduardo Costa. The congress center was packed (there was not enough chairs) and

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Review: Spa & Wellness – The Golden Residence

levadeiro/ February 22, 2007/ Guest Bloggers, Hotels, Reviews, Uncategorized

(By Willisha) Yesterday my friend and I have treated ourselves with a beauty day in the newest hotel of Madeira, The Golden Residence Hotel ( The hotel offers good Spa & Wellness facilities, with all kinds of treatments and packages, for reasonable prices. We started with a Rasul (maybe you have the same question as me: what is a Rasul???).

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