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Old Town will be New Town

levadeiro/ August 25, 2006/ Attractions, Events, Folklore, Fun, Gastronomy, Life, Madeira, Music, Things To Do, Tips, Travel, Uncategorized

ON: Porto Bay’s initiative to revive Funchal’s “Old Town” The old section of Funchal, its revitalization and energizing, has motivated the Porto Bay group. This is where ON begins, a project of cultural and social intervention that brings together activities of “fusion art” and artistic demonstrations which will take place on the following 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September. The

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Porto Santo @ Paradise

levadeiro/ August 6, 2006/ Attractions, Dance, Events, Fun, Madeira, Music, Things To Do, Uncategorized

For those who thought that Porto Santo is a dull and deserted island …. Well think again! The island of Porto Santo is hosting a musical event dedicated to lovers of electronic music, from 10 to 12 August …. Porto Santo @ Paradise The line-up for this event includes famous international DJs such as Luca Ricci and Trentemoller, and more.

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Extra Madeira Live Festival

levadeiro/ August 4, 2006/ Events, Fun, Madeira, Music, Things To Do, Tips, Uncategorized

For those that have tickets for the festival there will be free transportation (busses) from/to Funchal at the building of Electricity Company (Casa da Electricidade). Departures from Funchal: 17h00, 17h30, 19h00, 19h30, 21h00, 21h30, 23h00 and 23h30. Departures from São Vicente: Starting from 1h00 in the morning. Form more information about the festival please check my previous blog article Jamiroquai

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Piano lessons

levadeiro/ July 7, 2006/ Fun, Music, Uncategorized

Sometimes I will be posting non-Madeira things … although I think the picture was taken from a hotel here on the island Anyway … for those who would like to learn to play piano on a ‘fun’ way …. click on the image. And for the piano virtuosos among you can also have a go … and even make your

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Madeira, M’Dear

levadeiro/ July 1, 2006/ Madeira, Music, Uncategorized

She was young, she was pure, she was new, she was nice She was fair, she was sweet seventeen He was old, he was vile, and no stranger to vice He was base, he was bad, he was mean He had slyly inveigled her up to his flat To view his collection of stamps And he said as he hastened

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Fresh Weekend

levadeiro/ June 6, 2006/ Dance, Events, Madeira, Music, Things To Do, Tips, Travel, Uncategorized

The company “Fresh Produções”, in an unusual initiative taking place between the 14th and 18th of June, is promoting the “Fresh Weekend” event, which, in addition to a musical component, also has other activities of great interest. The “Quinta da Rochinha” lodge at Ponta de Sol and the Hotel Calheta Beach will be the hosts for this event where the

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Surf Music

levadeiro/ May 28, 2006/ Madeira, Music, Uncategorized

As I mentioned in my previous blog … each day I search for information about Madeira. I need to filter out all the ‘wood’ (translated in Portuguese is ‘madeira’) and Madeira Beach (located in Florida). Lately I came across another interesting category … namely The Madeira …. The band! Yes … a band called ‘The Madeira’ from the US …

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Bailinho da Madeira

levadeiro/ May 12, 2006/ Attractions, Dance, Folklore, Madeira, Music, Traditions, Uncategorized, Video

I came across the next short film of Anton Withagen from Eindhoven (Netherlands). It gives an impression of the traditional folklore dance called Bailinho da Madeira (The dance of Madeira). Now … do not go thinking that all inhabitants on the island of Madeira are dressed like this … and that they all love to dance this. If you think

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Video – Funchal’s Gala-dress

levadeiro/ February 9, 2006/ Madeira, Music, Uncategorized, Video

I have launched a new video of the Madeira series. A terrific view of the gala-dress that the city of Funchal is wearing during the New Year’s Eve. The lady capital of the island Madeira (Portugal) displays her with lights embroider dress, awaiting the countdown for the fireworks. This was filmed aboard the catamaran Seaborn and the music is none

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