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International Fireworks Competition

levadeiro/ June 1, 2008/ Attractions, Events, Fireworks, Funchal, Island, Madeira, Music, Nightlife, Things To Do, Tips, Uncategorized

Madeira was referred in the Guinness World Records to have the biggest fireworks event in the world. Maybe you will say to your partner Honey, lets watch the fireworks on Madeira!. We will need to wait till the end of the year? …. Actually, that is not true! This month the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture organizes the Festival

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Boas Saidas … Boas Entradas

levadeiro/ December 23, 2007/ Attractions, Christmas, Fireworks, Folklore, Funchal, Images, Madeira, Music, NewYear, Things To Do, Travel, Uncategorized, Video

The entrance of the New Year (2008) will be welcomed with a spectacular 8km extension of the revellion (fireworks) in Funchal, city of Madeira Islands. The lady-capital will fire up the sky with all its colors and lights that are now weaved in her evening gala-dress. Each year we have contemplated this event and each time we register new images

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Mariza gives a concert at Tecnopolo

levadeiro/ November 7, 2007/ Events, Funchal, Madeira, Music, Uncategorized

On the 23rd of November the charismatic Portuguese fado singer Mariza will perform at the Madeira Technopolo in a joint concert with the Classical Orchestra of Madeira. Mariza Reus Nunes, born in Mozambique but with the soul moulded in Mouraria, has achieved successes with performances in Central Park in New York, in the Centro Cultural de Belém, at the Royal

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levadeiro/ September 29, 2007/ Music, Uncategorized

Fado …. the unique music from Portuguese soil that describes sentiments, longing, but also sadness, pain, happiness and love. Fado can be translated as destiny or fate (latin ‘Fatum’) … and it has its origin on the Portuguese mainland. The Fado music is linked to the Portuguese word ‘saudade’, a word describing a sentiment that is commonly considered to have

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Christopher Columbus Festival

levadeiro/ September 4, 2007/ Attractions, Dance, Events, Folklore, Fun, Madeira, Music, PortoSanto, Things To Do, Tips, Traditions, Travel, Uncategorized

On 13th to 15th of September Porto Santo will devote these days to one of its most important habitant who lived several years on this island ……. Christopher Columbus! 1478 was the year that Columbus traveled to Madeira for the first time. In those years Funchal ’s was one of the largest sugar trade centres of the world. But for

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Cloud Chase

levadeiro/ May 7, 2007/ Images, Island, Madeira, Music, Nature, Travel, Uncategorized, Video

Last Sunday while Alberto Joao Jardim was resetting his government.dll, my wife and I went together with friends for a drive up to the high planes of Paúl da Serra. Enjoying the magnificent mountain views and clear blue skies above the clouds. It is something that you can not capture on a picture. Even on video you can not see

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Levadas Me Levem

levadeiro/ April 1, 2007/ Levadas, Music, Uncategorized

Fernando Deghi, musician, researcher, composer, arranger and maestro of the Guitarra do Sertão, the Guitar from Sertão, origin inlands northeast of Brazil. Fernando has dedicated himself to pull this guitar from the shadows of forgotten and to put it back in to the spotlights. With his compositions he explorers the melody borders that the guitarra can reach using the most

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Christmas Images and Videos 2

levadeiro/ December 15, 2006/ Christmas, Fireworks, Funchal, Madeira, Music, Uncategorized, Video

For those who can not see the Christmas lights this year on the island of Madeira … we offer you as a small consolation the next days some images (photos and films) of last plus this year illuminations. The following video was taken last year. A terrific view of the gala-dress that the city of Funchal is wearing during the

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Madeira Promo Video

levadeiro/ November 20, 2006/ Images, Madeira, Music, Travel, Uncategorized, Video

View the unofficial promotional video of Madeira Islands …. I was just playing with music and some pictures of Madeira …. and this is the result. Feel free to put this video on your own website. To add the video to your pages simply copy and paste all the code bellow. Select the code <div style="float: left; margin-right: 10px; margin-bottom:

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