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Slow Blog

levadeiro/ December 18, 2008/ Madeira Islands, Uncategorized

Dear MadeiraBlog readers, You might have noticed that these last few days (weeks) the publish frequency of this blog has been low. It is not that there is nothing else to write about anymore …. au cointraire! … there is (still) a lot to tell you about Madeira Islands. Unfortunately two reasons have hold me back to post new articles

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Stray Dog(s)

levadeiro/ May 30, 2008/ Madeira Islands, Uncategorized

We received the following mail from Beatrice: Hello, I would like to ask your attention to the story of a little dog whom I have called Maxi, who I found on the street and whom I have been giving food and water for the past few months while I was living on Madeira. Unfortunately, I can’t continue doing this, as

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Video Sights Madeira

levadeiro/ April 16, 2008/ Madeira Islands, Uncategorized

We have a new site with the name ‘Video Sights Madeira‘. This is a videoblog in which we will publish a selection of the best online videos and films made of Madeira Islands. Check out the various videos of island visitors or locals from Madeira that have uploaded into YouTube and other video websites. For those who missed for example

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Ferry between Madeira and Portugal

levadeiro/ April 9, 2008/ Ferry, Madeira Islands, Uncategorized

UPDATE JANUARY 2012 As per 30 of January 2012 the ferry service of the operator Naviera Armas, that was linking Portugal (Portimão) with Funchal, was discontinued due to huge increase of the operating costs associated to the port of Funchal. Unfortunately there is (for the time being) no Ro-Ro ferry service between the mainland Portugal and the Atlantic Isles of

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Weather Information

levadeiro/ April 9, 2008/ Madeira Islands, Uncategorized

For those who are looking for detailed weather information and weather forecasting, visit the following links/sites: WindGuru Madeira Weather Forecast Meteorological Warning System Satellite Weather Animation 10 Day Local Weather Forecast

Funchal 500 Years – Tall Ships Regatta

levadeiro/ February 9, 2008/ Attractions, Funchal500, Madeira, Madeira Islands, Regatta, Sea, Things To Do, Tips, Uncategorized

Attention: follow this link to read the latest update about the race. As we recently mentioned the Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta and Festival do Mar 2008 will be Madeira’s biggest event for this year …. as part of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Funchal … capital city of Madeira Islands. A large fleet of sail training Tall

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Finding flights to Madeira

levadeiro/ January 19, 2008/ Flights, Madeira, Madeira Islands, Tips, Uncategorized

This article will help you to find a suitable from and to Madeira Islands. The best way is first to determine which airlines will be flying to Madeira on a certain period. Then you can search for that airline site and get the best flight and price for you to travel to Madeira. To find all scheduled flights that start

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