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Safety precautions Levada walk

levadeiro/ November 1, 2006/ Levadas, Madeira, Sports, Things To Do, Tips, Travel, Uncategorized

Please follow the next safety precautions when you are planning to take a Levada walk here on Madeira: When taking a Levada walk you must always be in company of a qualified guide; Prepare yourself and collect all updated information about the route you are planning to follow; Make sure about the total time you will be spending on that

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Levadas Under Construction

levadeiro/ August 3, 2006/ Levadas, Madeira, Things To Do, Tips, Travel, Uncategorized

I do hate the word ‘Under Construction‘ … but in this case it is different … To everybody that is planning to do a Levada walk these following months, please be advised that the following main Levada passages will be closed for the pedestrians, due to labour to improve the safety and increasing the benefit of leisurely walk. Pico do

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Capturing the Pro capturing

levadeiro/ April 8, 2006/ Images, Levadas, Madeira, Uncategorized

A few weeks ago my friend Hugo invited me for a levada walk … Queimadas to Caldeirão Verde … the path starts at the guesthouse (Queimadas) and goes through a beautiful emerald green paradise … with waterfalls on the way. It is a moderated walk of approximate 4 hours. Just a simple levada walk … you will think. But in

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