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Interview with the makers of ‘WalkMe’

levadeiro/ January 3, 2013/ Interview, Levadas, Madeira, Madeira Islands

Interview with Pedro Gomes, who is Software Engineer at the University of Madeira and one of the makers of the WalkMe App. What is WalkMe? WalkMe is an iOS and Android mobile application that aims to be a guide to all hikers in Madeira Island and Porto Santo, providing useful information about the levada walks such as photos, description, map,

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Madeira … The Green Pearl of the Atlantic

levadeiro/ January 25, 2011/ Island, Levadas, Madeira, Madeira Islands, Things To Do, Tips, Travel, Uncategorized

Madeira, “The Green Pearl of the Atlantic”, with its spectacular variety of landscapes, the island that they say it sometimes is 6 different continents in one mini-continent. The friendly locals and the picturesque villages make Madeira a perfect island for those seeking a combination of adventure, sports, nature, sun and rest. An island with many faces, that is Madeira. Still

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Tips for Walking on Madeira

levadeiro/ July 30, 2009/ Levadas, Madeira, Tips, Uncategorized

Water Ensure that you have sufficient water before starting a (long) walk (minimum of 1.5 liters per person). Check if there are any places to refuel … because walking under Madeira’s hot sun can have a similar effect as if you were walking on the Sahara. If there are no taskas (bars) or shops in the vicinity, look out for

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Walkers Wanted

levadeiro/ April 24, 2008/ Blog, Levadas, Nature, Uncategorized

A new blog Madeira Walking is looking for beginner or experienced enthusiast walkers, social walkers or solitary stroller, who have visited Madeira Island (or are living on Madeira), and wants share their thoughts, views, experiences, suggestions with fellow walkers and nature lovers. The Madeira Walking Blog is a free consumer generated media that offers reviews and information to help travelers

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Madeira Islands Walking Festival

levadeiro/ January 5, 2008/ Events, Levadas, Madeira, Tips, Uncategorized

The Madeira Tourism Board together with the British journalist and photographer, Terry Marsh, organizes the Madeira Islands Walking Festival which the 1st edition will take place on 15th till 19th of January this year. This initiative will be an annual event that aims to draw more walking enthusiasts to the island. The festival consists of 20 pre-designated walks, recommended by

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Levada do Rei

levadeiro/ June 10, 2007/ Images, Island, Levadas, Madeira, Tips, Uncategorized

Some travelers visit Madeira Island … they rent a car … drive around for a week and at the end they say ‘we have seen everything of Madeira!’. Yeah sure! And I am Paris Hilton that just escaped and bought a property on Madeira. Seriously … there is still a lot to discover on this, according to Google Earth, small

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Madeira is safe, but …

levadeiro/ April 22, 2007/ Island, Levadas, Madeira, Tips, Uncategorized

Our last blog (Is Madeira Safe?) we received lots of comments from visitors that find Madeira Island a safe place to visit. However …. we did received reports that in March tourists were robbed during a walk at Levada dos Piornais east of Quebradas and the Levada dos Tornos. Information tells us that the attackers were caught, but it is

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Levadas Me Levem

levadeiro/ April 1, 2007/ Levadas, Music, Uncategorized

Fernando Deghi, musician, researcher, composer, arranger and maestro of the Guitarra do Sertão, the Guitar from Sertão, origin inlands northeast of Brazil. Fernando has dedicated himself to pull this guitar from the shadows of forgotten and to put it back in to the spotlights. With his compositions he explorers the melody borders that the guitarra can reach using the most

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