Vintage Film Madeira 1927 – 1975

VINTAGE FILM MADEIRA – Private collection of Hugo Reis – Year: 1927 – 1975. Production: Hugo Reis ( This film will be exhibited at the ISLANDS.DOC Festival Date & Time: Saturday 21 of May at 15h00 Location: Centro das Artes – Casas das Mudas, Calheta – Madeira. Click here to Read more…


Cais do Carvão

Located in between the lido swimming pool and clubhouse Naval do Funchal (that was before Quinta Calaça), is the former Pier Wilson, now known as Cais do Carvão (Coal Wharf). The pier was built in 1903. From here many vapour-vessels passing were supplied with coal on their way through Funchal Read more…


Madeira and Lisbon 1932

Another great vintage film about Madeira … this time its the year 1932. In the film we follow the voyage the cruise-ship Gripsholm, after six days crossing the Atlantic it reaches Madeira and then heads towards Lisbon. The first part of the Swedish film shows great historical coverage of Funchal Read more…


Poço da Neve – Well of Snow

Some things seems trivial nowadays, but in the past they were unthinkable, … for example ice. With the advent of refrigerators and other similar devices today it has become possible to have ice all year-round. Now … imagine 100 years ago …. how could one get ice? Only in winter Read more…


Comboio do Monte

The restoration of Monte Railway will start in the first quarter of 2010 unknown. According to a publication (unfortunately now removed) of the Madeira Tourism this will be a funicular railway system. The plan is to restore the original railway, which used to run between the center of Funchal and Read more…


Madeira in the NYT

Four (web)pages article about Madeira … its history, culture, traditions and various aspects of daily life. Written by Barbara Bell for The New York Times. Madeira has been Portuguese since the days of Prince Henry the Navigator, who sent two lieutenants, Joao Goncalves Zarco and Tristao Vaz Teixeira, on an Read more…


Madeira 1840 till 1960

Laninka from Canada has sent us a link to a beautiful Youtube video (actually a slide show) of old photos of Madeira Island from 1840 till 1960. It show mainly Funchal with its surroundings, landscapes, customs, how people lived and the types of public transport that were used during those Read more…


Madeira 1969

This is another vintage movie of Madeira I found on Youtube, …. filmed in 1969 in a location somewhere in Funchal.

This one shows the manufacturing of special fishing lines that was used to catch the fish Espada. The yarn was crafted and slicked with oil from crushed bark and roots. The film material is unedited (no sound), 16mm shot with a Paillard Bolex, spring-wound / manual camera, which only allowed up to 20 seconds takes.


Rota da Cal

We recently visited a new project on Madeira Island called Rota da Cal (Lime Route / Limestone Trail). Before I continue my story about it … I want to say … it is worth to visit the place. This project is a educational tourist attraction which is located in São Read more…


A Madeira Blog from 1954

There are many travel journals, travelogues and online diaries about people visiting the island of Madeira … but the one that I found lately is, in my opinion, a special one. A travelogue written by Mrs. Frances A. Roper, in which she describes, day by day, her visit to Madeira. Read more…


Dighton Rock coming to Madeira

A new Dighton Rock replica is in the making at Tillitson Pearson Inc. (TPI) in Warren, a quarter century after the first replica was created.

The replica, the fourth of its kind, symbolizes the theory of many Portuguese Americans that the Portuguese were the first to discover the New World, rather than Christopher Columbus. The theory, which was first conceived in 1918 by a psychologist at Brown University, has been affirmed and researched by retired physician and scholar, Bristol resident Dr. Manuel Luciano Da Silva.

After 40-plus years of researching the original Dighton Rock and the curious inscriptions carved on it, Dr. Da Silva is proud to be associated with the theory, and the replicas. With the first three scattered throughout Portugal, Dr. Da Silva hopes to have the new replica sent to Funchal, Madeira within the next few months.

Sending the replica to Madeira is fitting Dr. Da Silva said, because a carving on Dighton Rock mirrors the Cross of the Order of Christ on the Madeira flag.

If the 55 signers of the Declaration of the American Independence … drank Madeira wine to celebrate that historical event, it is very much appropriate that the Americans of today send a replica of an American monument, Dighton Rock, to Madeira as a gesture of friendship and thanks.

The 84-pound replica, which is made of fiberglass, is currently receiving its final touches. TPI has created and donated all four replicas.

(By Jerry Da Silva – East Bay RI)

But what is the Dighton Rock? And why sending a replica to Madeira? (more…)


Charles count de Lambert

Charles count de Lambert is a famous French/Russian aviator. He was the first student taught by Wilbur Wright in France. On October 18, 1909, he was the first to fly over Paris and around the Eiffel Tower. In addition, he set an altitude record that same day. He was also Read more…


Inaccurate rubbish

One of the dangers the web resources can have is the inaccurate information that some website might publish. Most people think that what they read on the web … must be also true. Unfortunately not everything what you see here is true. I could tell you now that I am Read more…