Natures Flower Festival

Preparations are taking place in Funchal (Madeira) for the Flower Festival, that will take place from 5 to 6 April. The goal will be to exceed the success of the street parade …. exhibiting and perfuming the air of Funchal with a multiplicity of floral species of the island. Gathering thousands of children on the Praça do Município where they will build the “Wall of Hope” with flowers. And much more.

But the island itself already has started early this year with its own preparations. Nature has its own agenda and (luckly) does not wait for human beings. Flowers are having their debut in the Laurisilva and other regions.

A new blog called Madeira Walking has captured a few of these flora-princesses and put them on a slideshow. Pictures taken by (levada)walkers when hiking through the veins of the island. So for those who cannot wait for the festival or could not book a trip to Madeira on time …. just enjoy the from following images. (more…)