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Is Madeira in the EU?

Madeiraful Editor/ November 30, 2017/ Blog, EU, FAQ, Madeira, Madeira Islands

Many people ask themselves or Google if Madeira is in the EU and the answer is … YES! Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal and therefore part of the European Union (EU) and the currency is the Euro. The archipelago, discovered by the Portuguese in 1418, is made up of the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo and the uninhabited

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What is an Arraial?

levadeiro/ August 8, 2011/ Events, FAQ, Folklore, Life, Madeira, Madeira Islands, Traditions, Uncategorized

Madeira has various ‘Arraiais‘ all year round. Arraiais are traditional regional festivities that is celebrated with street processions, flower carpets, churches and street decorations with lights, colorful flags, music, traditional folklore, food and drink. Each town/parish has its own Arraial and they can differ one from another. To give you an impression of such an Arraial …. check out the

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Is there Wifi on Madeira?

levadeiro/ April 10, 2008/ FAQ, Uncategorized

Are there any Wi-Fi Hotspots (Public wireless acces) on Madeira Islands? Click here here and see it for yourself. P.S. check here for a List of Wi-Fi Hotspots on Madeira. For the time being it is a free service.

Is there an International School on Madeira?

levadeiro/ October 25, 2007/ Education, FAQ, Uncategorized

Family that are planning to move to Madeira often ask the question if there is an International school on the island. Yes …. there is one. Located in the centre of Funchal at Calçada do Pico nº 5 … next to the “Museu das Cruzes” … is the Escola Internacional da Madeira (International School of Madeira). It is a primary

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Is Madeira safe?

levadeiro/ April 19, 2007/ FAQ, Life, Madeira

Just received an unexpected question from Joan S. (Cincinnati, US) My husband and I are fed up. We are searching the web for places with no or low criminality. We came across your blog. Is this island Madera a safe place? We need to go away from all these VT killings, massacre and terror. Thanx Joan Madeira is a friendly

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levadeiro/ April 4, 2007/ FAQ, Island, Madeira, Uncategorized, Weather

People who lives (or visits) the Madeira Islands will notice that it has an extraordinary climate. The island shows several (large) microclimates thanks to its orography, its geographical location and the kaleidoscopic effect of the mountains and Atlantic Ocean. Here on the island of Madeira Mother Nature plays with the weather … dividing it into two (even three) regions: south/west

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Gay and Lesbian scene

levadeiro/ March 5, 2007/ FAQ, Funchal, Island, Life, Madeira, People, Things To Do, Travel, Uncategorized

Portugal, and also the Madeira Archipelago, has a long history of repression and public intolerance of homosexuality. Luckily these days … the voices of repression have simmered down and can be ignored … as Madeira has become generally tolerant of homosexuality, which was decriminalized in 1982, eight years after the Carnation Revolution. While in Lisbon, Oporto and Algarve the gay

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Madeira in short

levadeiro/ January 11, 2007/ FAQ, Island, Madeira, Madeira Islands, Uncategorized

Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago that is located between 32°22.3’N 16°16.5’W and 33°7.8’N 17°16.65’W in the north Atlantic Ocean. It is since 1976 an autonomous region of Portugal. The largest of the group of islands is Madeira. Of the other three islands in the group, only Porto Santo is inhabited; the Desertas and Selvagens groups are too rocky and narrow

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Marriage in Madeira

levadeiro/ July 20, 2006/ FAQ, Madeira, Uncategorized

Is it possible, as citizens from another country, to have a marriage on the island of Madeira? In this case the question came from the Netherlands. I inquired the Dutch consul here in Funchal and also a few hotels. They informed me that for Dutch citizens to be able to marry (civil marriage) in Madeira – Portugal, is only possible

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