Christmas Evening Dress

I will never forget my first Christmas on Madeira. On that evening I have met a beautiful and very elegant lady. She had an exquisite gala dress. An evening dress that was embroidered with millions of colored pearls that all lit-up in the dark. The lady her name was … Read more…

Christmas on Madeira anno 1896

Some of the native ceremonies on fête days are peculiarly interesting. I recollect well the Christmas I spent in Madeira. It was a beautiful day; the birds chirped merrily in the gardens and the bright rays of the sun beamed radiantly in through the half-opened windows of the little English Read more…

Christmas under the Atlantic Ocean

Strange title … but it’s true. Madeira Diving School Tubarão Madeira came with the idea to place and decorate a Christmas tree on the sea bed.

They prepared the tree in a way that it was easy to place it under the water. The Christmas balls were filled with water in order not to drift off. This initiative was not only a surpirse for the visitors that were diving in the area …. but also for the fish who were not used to this human tradition … although some daredevils went nibbling on the balls.

The tree will stay underneath the ocean until the New Year and …. they will repeat this new tradition in the same site next year.

Christmas on Madeira Island

Christmas on Madeira is a period of intense activity, especially the tourism. Christmas is the period with apparent prosperity … were everyone allows themselves a little extra. Following photos were taken by Virgilio Silva:

Video: Xmas Driving

It is getting to be a tradition each year to produce a video of the Christmas scene here on Madeira

Together with my Dutch friend Marcel we went driving up to Funchal. While he was driving I filmed some of the Xmas scenery on the way. I must confess that the film does not represent the true image of what we saw …. which is the thousands and thousands of lights …. everywhere.

I invite anyone who is staying on Madeira to produce similar movie of the Christmas atmosphere and share it with us. Also feel free to put this video on your own website. (more…)

Start Christmas Illuminations

Christmas in Funchal MadeiraOn this day, the main streets in the centre of Funchal will be invaded by lights of all sizes and colours to produce designs that are very representative of the island’s symbology and the time of year. One week later, on 30 November, the outskirts of Funchal will also be lit up transforming Funchal into a real, life-size “nativity scene”.

In early December, the squares are decked with flowers. Poinsettias, holly and lady’s slipper orchids all help to brighten up the city’s streets. And then there are the Christmas carols ringing out in all the streets as if by magic inspiring everyone with the festive spirit. The streets fill with people in this atmosphere of great joy. Some are here to do their Christmas shopping, while others just want to enjoy the holiday buzz and atmosphere emanating throughout the city.

Source: Madeira Island Tourism (more…)

Christmas Images and Videos 2

For those who can not see the Christmas lights this year on the island of Madeira … we offer you as a small consolation the next days some images (photos and films) of last plus this year illuminations.

The following video was taken last year. A terrific view of the gala-dress that the city of Funchal is wearing during the New Year’s Eve.

The lady capital of the island Madeira (Portugal) displays her with lights embroider dress, awaiting the countdown for the fireworks.

This was filmed aboard the catamaran and the music is performed by the band … The Madeira.

Madeira’s Christmas Images

Yesterday I went to Funchal in the evening and took some pictures of the Christmas lights (… of course I contemplated and enjoyed it first before I took the pictures). This year there are more and new styles of lights (more colorful and refined) on the streets, squares, piers, boulevards, Read more…

Christmas Images and Videos

This year the big event is the official opening ceremony of the Christmas illuminations, which takes place on 17 November, near the Sé Cathedral at around 9h00 pm.

For those who can not wait for the official ceremony of the Christmas illuminations that will place on 17th of November ….. you can search for images or videos taken last year(s) by visitors of the island.

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