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Is Madeira in the EU?

Many people ask themselves or Google if Madeira is in the EU and the answer is … YES! Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal and therefore part of the European Union (EU) and the currency is the Euro. The archipelago, discovered by the Portuguese in 1418, is made up of the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo and the uninhabited

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Everybody loves discounts, correct? But is it always a good thing to get? It totally depends on the background situation. Getting a discount on clothing as the new season rolls around feels great. The retailer needs to move the merchandise to make space for new items. That is good for both parties. But companies will never give huge discounts on

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Allergies and eating out on Madeira

Eating out is a great part of the holiday fun, it is an important part of exploring new cultures and flavours. What better way to get to know a new destination than to eat what the locals eat and enjoy the typical food of your new surroundings? But when you have allergies for certain ingredients it can be more challenging to enjoy

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Espada … super-creepy looking fish

On the island of Madeira they have learned how to fish for this deep sea delicacy, a fish that dwells more than a mile below the sea. They are called “scabbard fish” (or Espada in Portuguese), …. These are super-creepy looking fish, with giant eyes and teeth to suit them for the perpetual twilight of their deep sea world. Read

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Life might not be the party … might as well dance!

Kaitlin Sowinski, young American amazon from Hopkinton (Rhode Island – US), lives in Madeira (3 months) and plays professional basketball with Clube Amigos do Basquet (CAB) of Funchal. In her blog she describes how she (tries to) adjust to live on a island like Madeira. The differences she encounters in the area such as culture, food, language, and daily living

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People Watching in Funchal

Instead of Bird Watching you could also do some ‘People Watching’ … and the best location to do that is the ‘wildlife reserve’ in Funchal. Patti Picasso, from Arlington – Texas – US, has written an entertaining impression of their visit to the city …. during their cruise stop with (I presume) the Holland America Oosterdam. Patti’s ‘Have some Madeira,

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Walkers Wanted

A new blog Madeira Walking is looking for beginner or experienced enthusiast walkers, social walkers or solitary stroller, who have visited Madeira Island (or are living on Madeira), and wants share their thoughts, views, experiences, suggestions with fellow walkers and nature lovers. The Madeira Walking Blog is a free consumer generated media that offers reviews and information to help travelers

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Feliz Páscoa

Happy Easter Vrolijk Pasen Frohe Ostern Joyeuses Pâques Felices Pascuas Buona Pasqua Glad PÃ¥sk God pÃ¥ske Hyvää pääsiäistä S prazdinkom Pasxi PS: visitors from Marakoka blog … to read the complaints please click here.

Looking for guest bloggers

We, of the Blog.Thoughts.Madeira, are looking for Madeira-lovers and/or visitors that would like to share their views, suggestions, stories, and experience about the island. Do you want to participate as a guest blogger on our blog? Would you like to write an article about the island? Its culture … nature … the people … history etc. and publish it here

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Madeira Blog Translated

Lot of travel and lodging businesses that also owns a website spend lot of time and money in having a multilingual website. For example I write this weblog about Madeira in English … but I also would like to have a Portuguese version … because Madeira is a Portuguese island. The same time I want to reach another mayor visitor’s

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