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We know the island of Madeira very well from the many images and videos, and the most fortunate among us know the island personally in real life. In reality it is an island full of surprises … but do you know the island by its numbers?

For those among you who gets aroused by statistical information, PORDATA has created a ‘portrait’ of the island. But believe me that this is also very interesting for those who have scored poorly on mathematics and/or statistics.

What is PORDATA?

PORDATA, of the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, is the Database of Contemporary Portugal. PORDATA is the result thanks to the main objectives of the foundation which are: the collection, compilation, systematization and dissemination of data on multiple areas of society, for Portugal and its municipalities, and for the EU countries. The collected data are all derived from official and certified sources.

The Portrait of Madeira / Retrato da Madeira

To mark Portugal Day that took place on the 10th June 2018, PORDATA published Retrato da Madeira – Edição 2018 (The Portrait of Madeira – 2018 Edition).

The Portrait of Madeira presents a set of about 100 key statistical data on the Madeira Region, thus providing, in graphic form, evolutional information on the region, or compared by municipalities (#11), for thirteen areas: Population; Housing and Living Conditions; Education; Health; Culture; Enterprises, Personnel and Product; Employment and Labour Market; Social Protection; Autarchic Finance; Science and Information Society; Electoral Participation; Environment, Energy and Territory; Tourism.

The English version of Portrait of Madeira is available in e-book version or for download (from the PORDATA site).

The e-book version allows direct access to the statistical data published in the PORDATA Municipalities database and to all the respective metadata.

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Some interesting numbers/facts

(extracts and screen shots from The Portrait of Madeira – 2018 Edition)




Resident population (2016)



Area Km² (2016)



Parishes (2017)



Dwellings (2016)



Pre-schools (2016)



Pensions (2016)



Hospitals (2016)



Hotel establishments (2016)




Resident population, by municipalities - Madeira

Population density, by municipalities - Madeira

Resident foreign population, by municipalities - Madeira

Young people, under 15 - Madeira

Elderly, aged 65 or over - Madeira

Ageing index, by municipalities - Madeira

Unemployment rate, Madeira

Hotel establishments, by municipalities - Madeira

Guests in hotel establishments, by municipalities - Madeira