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Literally translated, Shinrin-Yoku means forest bathing, much like sunbathing or bathing in the sea. You do not literally take a bath in the forest, but enjoy the atmosphere of the forest and perceive nature up close with all your senses.

In Japan, more and more people are practising this form of preventive medicine. Although it emerged from the intuition, its effectiveness is now supported by more and more scientific studies that confirm its numerous health benefits.

Madeira Shinrin Yoku

What is Shinrin-Yoku?

Simply put, one walks in the woods at the Shinrin-Yoku, slowly, calmly, one morning, one afternoon, or a whole day long. During the forest bathing, you can meditate, get in close contact with the trees or lie near a waterfall and listen to the splashing of the water.

Some scientists have already studied the physiological and psychological effects of nature, in particular of the forest, on the health and well-being of humans. This research was inspired by the fact that we somehow feel better when surrounded by nature.

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Researchers have proven that even looking out of the window can have a salutary effect. They tested this on patients recovering from a gall bladder removal operation in the hospital. Some gave a room with a view of a wall, others one with a view of a natural environment. The latter recovered much faster; they were able to leave the hospital earlier and needed less painkillers during their stay there.

This is how Shinrin-Yoku affects health and well-being:

  • Stress is reduced
  • The blood pressure is lowered
  • Positive mood
  • Relaxation of soul and body
  • The blood sugar level regulates itself
  • Sleep is improved
  • Breathing is improved
  • The immune defence is improved
  • A deep and clear intuition comes to mind
  • Inspiration for the mind and the senses
  • We become happier
  • The life energy increases
  • We feel and in harmony with nature
  • Return to the enjoyment of silence

In other words … It is better to take a day in the woods instead of shopping or in the cinema …

Madeira - Lombo do Mouro - Don Amaro

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