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Article about Porto Santo written by Marian Nissink

The island of Porto Santo is about two hours by ferry from Madeira. There is nothing to do here. There is one supermarket and there are a few terraces that only open when the manager himself feels like it. You do not have to order a Café Latte, they do not have it. At most a cafe com leite. Coffee with a quack of milk.

Porto Santo has nothing, the island asks you just ‘to be’. It offers its sea to reflect, the beach to kiss your bare feet and the dunes to muse. Her expansiveness for a broader view. The nights to dream and see the stars fall.

The stark island has striped rock formations that swirl the ferocious sea into their bays. Where you can look breathless at the ever-moving play of nature. In caves and vast fields grow the most beautiful flowers, just like that. If you get close, you will see dozens of bumblebees and bees fetching their nectar here: their own sweet supermarket.

If you lie down next to it, in the grass, you will feel like one of them. Bumblebee conversations, the wind that interferes with it and the rustling of the bushes. Sniff the smell of nectar, magnolia and laurel: the gentle temptation. The flower colors almost hurt your eyes, they are so fierce sometimes. Never to forget moments.

Porto Santo by Marian Nissink

Porto Santo by Marian Nissink

There is so much to see on Porto Santo. If you look. As long as you do not have to be externally entertained, your inner world will only get a vacation. It comes to rest when you sit in the sand and spend hours staring at the wonders that flow past continuously. You are no longer occupied with then, or by then.

Tide retreats, goes into his cocoon and does not have to be there for a while. The tide is like contemplation: to become quiet, to be soft, to let the thoughts flow away almost invisibly and to quietly give them back to Mother Earth.

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At high tide the waves are filled with new energy, ideas and inspiration. Where the tide has provided space for the new to be discovered, flood rolls this out into audible waves into the outside world. Inseparable from each other. They both deserve as much attention. An ever-heaving flood creates a stressful excess. As a result, a chronic shortage of being, inaudibly screaming for attention. Being seen.

I can watch the waves for hours. As in trance I am in a sort of intermediate area, only in the now. Here. Patches of thoughts fade and I become more and more one with the origin. With where we come from. And do not need anything more than this. Life.

Nothing to do is to be everything. This island in the middle of the Atlantic challenges you. The boat will take you.

About Marian:

I like to listen to the silence. Wary of fashion, brands and walking. Extremely animal lover. Vegetarian. Yoga. Write. Read. To travel. Pioneer. Inspirator. Mindfulness. Idealist. I do not take anything for granted. Do not fit in the picture of the desired society. I like to draw my own plan, avoiding the herd. I like to be together, but I only need to be able to give all ideas a place. I rather breathe out than in. Am always on the road, sometimes in my head, looking for inner adventure. Sometimes physically, on the way to new experiences and memories. Inspiration is my life, traveling my home. My safety is the unknown. Am always looking for beauty. “A mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought … Alone”. Newton

This is a English translation of the original Dutch blog article.