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When visiting Madeira Island, you can treat yourself during your island visit to a massage … and why not a unique massage…  a Tantra Massage.

A Tantra massage is a unique experience in which affectionate and refined touch is used in order to open and relax. It helps you to feel complex pleasant sensations all over the body, triggering an intense flow of sensual energy while you are fully present and relaxed.

As a traveler you will do research of the travel destination, looking for places to see on Madeira, things to do in Funchal and where to eat the best food. But one thing most travelers forget to add to their travel preparations is how to relax during their visit on their travel destination…

Traveling can be sometimes stressful on a persons mind. Thinking on questions like: Where am I going? What is the Portuguese word for …? At what time is my transfer to the airport? How much money do I still have left? And so on and so on…

All these questions plus the impressions you have collected of the beautiful sights of Madeira, its amazing mountains and valleys, the several Levadas you have walked, the flavors, the colors and the people, all this together can be really exhausting!

Of course you can consider laying on a sunbed at your accommodation the ideal (standard) way to relax… but have you considered other options?

Maybe a Tantra massage on Madeira sounds a too far fetched option, but is it? And what is Tantra? We can answer that question by telling you what it is NOT! Tantra is NOT about sex, but rather about life in its totality, including sensuality and sexuality. A Tantra massage is an invitation to relax and open under the hand that touches you with a sacred attitude.

The next question that might pop-up by some of you … what is a Tantra massage exactly?

To answer this question let us quote a paragraph from an article written by a professional Tantra masseuse on Madeira, Althea of The Universe of Inner Alchemy:

Did you ever touch a rare piece of art? Did you feel how your fingertips and your palm suddenly received a multitude of sensations and that piece of art seems to talk to you in a way you couldn’t think it’s possible before? This is how an authentic tantra masseuse touches the body… she is all amazed by the complexity of sensations that are ready to get to life, always in a contemplative state and perfectly aware of her own body, she is ready to awaken energies that have been sleeping for too long time or used improperly.

See for more details at A unique experience in Madeira – a professional tantra massage (Why & How) by Althea