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We are very happy that Jaf-Photo (his Flickr Photostream) has agreed on taking part in an interview for the Levadeiros of Madeira.

Golden Light

Golden Light

Madeiraful: Jaf, first of all we want to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the readers of Levadeiros of Madeira. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into photography?

Jaf: Thank you for asking me. I am a civil servant who took up digital photography about two years ago. A long time ago, I used to shoot black and white film. I still like that aesthetic, but digital is so much faster and more fun.

Madeiraful: Do you work as a professional photographer or is photography mainly a hobby for you?

Jaf: It’s a hobby. I find photography a good way to relax from work and other pressures.

Madeiraful: We see on your Flickr stream that you have a very large collection of Madeira images, captured by your photo camera. Can you describe Madeira in just only one word?

Jaf: Paradise

Madeiraful: How many times have you visited Madeira Island? And when was the first time?

Jaf: Twice so far. The first time was only last year, in 2012. I will definitely go again.

Madeiraful: The first time you visited Madeira, what was the reason for your visit?

Jaf: I had seen some beautiful photos of Madeira (some of yours) and read some very positive articles about it.

Madeiraful: After discovering the island through your eyes and camera-lens, what would be your reason to visit it again?

Jaf: Madeira is very beautiful and relaxed and has a comfortable climate. The food is also very good, I really like the local fish and beef.

A Small Piece of Ocean

A Small Piece of Ocean

Madeiraful: We say that Madeira Island is an excellent destination for photographers. Do you agree? If so, why?

Jaf: It’s perfect. The island has very varied scenery and beautiful light conditions that change often. The towns and villages are very photogenic, as are the locals.

Madeiraful: When is the best season (for you) to travel to Madeira Island?

Jaf: I slightly preferred autumn for photography, because the weather and light conditions were a bit more dramatic.

Madeiraful: Tell us about your most favourite, and also the least favourite thing about Madeira.

Jaf: The air smells so incredibly good in Madeira, that’s the first thing you notice. For me, there is no downside.

Madeiraful: What is the first thing you recommend people to do when they arrive in Madeira?

Jaf: Go for a walk with your camera, of course!

Madeiraful: Where do you recommend other photographers to go for on Madeira Island?

Jaf: I really like the area around Porto da Cruz in the North East. It has everything in terms of scenery. I would recommend visiting both the coastline and the surrounding mountains.



Madeiraful: Can you compare your Madeira photo collection with the other photo collections on your Flickr stream?

Jaf: The Madeira photos are the most interesting, I think. They are much richer in colour and the motifs stand out compared to the rest.

Madeiraful: What do you think of the locals/people from Madeira?

Jaf: The Madeirans are very friendly and respectable people with a strong work ethic. I really like them.

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Madeiraful: Any other thing(s) about Madeira that travelers/photographers should know?

Jaf: I recommend taking a couple of coach tours to discover the island. Then you can return to the places that you liked the most and spend some time there with your camera. That way you can get more individual photos. You can go to most places by bus.

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