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Music with nature becomes perfect and has its cause. It is born from equilibrium. Equilibrium is born of what is fair, what is fair is born from the sense of the world.

Interview with Filipe Teixeira and Rui Nelson the creators of the project EcoMusicalis.

What is EcoMusicalis?
Ecomusicalis is a concept that emerged out of a will to bring together music and nature, following the natural instinct of the human being to go back to its roots, to nature.

Ecomusicalis Fanal concert Madeira

Ecomusicalis – Fanal concert

It began as primary as possible, bringing the music into the nature. This way nature becomes the stage for the performances.

This concerts are given by professional and amateur artists, who accept and respect EcoMusicalis concept, opening the doors of this project to great variety on an instrumental level, as well as artistic.

Who are the people that are behind the EcoMusicalis project?
First of all we need to understand that Ecomusicalis is not an association or a business. It is managed by the enthusiasts Filipe and Rui who can count on several collaborators who transforms this project into a spiral form, where the goal is never to have a leadership, but rather a team that shares and embraces the project with a mutual dedication between them.

Ecomusicalis Fanal concert Madeira

Ecomusicalis – Fanal concert

What are the goals of EcoMusicalis project?
This project stands on the motto that music with nature becomes perfect and has it’s cause. Thus, we want to awaken human minds to acknowledge and recognize this whole. In order for this to happen, it will be schedule concerts in the nature-spaces, where it will be given the opportunity to appreciate and admire above all this symbiosis, that will certainly help to understand the meaning of the world. With this project we intend to bring the community to nature, immediately fostering respect for its space, we think that it is a privileged platform to pass this message.

It is also our purpose, in a short run, to be a project with a solid acceptance and appreciation internally in the island (government agencies, environmental organizations, local community, among others) and in a long run, a product that helps, in some way, to promote, not only but also touristically Madeira Island.

Are the concerts free or is there an admission fee? And how many times do you give a concert?
The basis of the project Ecomusicalis is to have one free concert per month, following the concept: “Ecomusicalis pure”.

We are working on new Ecomusicalis projects creating the opportunity to have, perhaps, weekly performances, where payed concerts are, probably going to happen. Ecomusicalis is also working on developing the “free-economy” concept.

Ecomusicalis Canyoning concert Madeira

Ecomusicalis – Canyoning concert

This seems like an unique concept. Does it exist elsewhere in the world? And how popular is it?
Over the past months Ecomusicalis has been growing it’s audience, physical as well as virtual. Ecomusicalis is already a trade name. Until now, we haven´t heard anything like it. If is exist anywhere else in the wold, we can not say, but it is, sure, possible.

Why is Madeira Island ideal for this type of concept?
This Island is well known for its wonderful nature. From the mountains to the sea and the beautiful Laurissilva forest which makes Madeira a unique place for the concept of this project which aims to let people get to know the “small great” wonders of the island, not only to the islanders but also to tourist and visitors.

Last question (but not least) … where can island visitors find information about when and where your next concerts will take place?
A website will be launched soon. For updated information always check our Facebook page: