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The isolation of these Islands makes their history and characteristics almost unknown to outsiders. Even those who come to visit see little beyond their first impressions.

This book is a discovery. It takes a modern look at the Island’s rich and individual history, many of the idiosyncrasies of which result from Madeira´s insularity.

It is also remarkable that one the authors is foreign. Through the culture of Europe this book traces the development of Madeira and pieces together the roots of present-day life.

I believe that all those who are interested in knowing Madeira better, or in making the Island known, will find this book a valuable instrument. I am thinking especially of the Madeiran communities in English-speaking countries.

Just as, through some photographs in this book, I relived times of my childhood (the holidays amidst the greenery of the Mount with the hammocks and toboggans going by) likewise other people will rediscover with fondness their own happy times.

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