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A great music video of Madeira. Official video clip for the single “I Love Madeira” by Yvonne John-Lewis and Paulo Nascimento.

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Ed Ziomek · November 22, 2010 at 5:54 am

Two things: I am reading a book on 17th and 18th Century pirates, and one of the major items of currency, besides gold and jewels, was shipments of Madeira wines to the Americas. Now I want to know more.

Second story is what I am finding regarding elements of the Atlantean legend and the topography of the ocean floor which includes Madeira and Porto Santo. The iconic concentric circles of the Atlantean legend I believe to be visible in Google Earth and immediately North of the Dacia Seamount, due East of Medeira. The ancient Pillars of Hercules were not Gibraltar, but the Seine (Cheyenne Moon Goddess) and Essaouira (Sun God-Ra)Seamounts.

The Atlantean legends speak of the area of Gadeira, as in Agadir, Agadir Canyon. And consider the brother-sister naming conventions: Ma-deira, Ga-deira, A-ga-dir, Essaou-ira, Tene-ra-fe, etc.

The 5 sets of twins of the Atlantean legend may include the Madeira complex along with undersea twin volcanic cones, many un-named at this point.

Point being, Madeira was HUGELY important in the ancient world, and very famous for its wonderful wines, of which my wife and I have made it number one on our Travel List “To-Dos”, and that is a promise.

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