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What are RSS Feeds?
RSS Feed is the element that makes a blog different from the (old-style) static website. RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication‘. What it does is announcing changes that were made on the website by creating a “feed” …. that can be read by an aggregator such as Bloglines or NewsGator.

An aggregator keeps track of your links to favorite blogs, much like the bookmarks section of your browser. It’s different than a bookmarks section, because the aggregator can alert you to the frequent updates to blogs …. which your browser can’t do …. well … not yet!

This means for example that this blog content can be read using an the aggregator …. or the readers can choose to visit the site. Our feed is available to anyone who uses an aggregator …. so you can be alerted automatically each time we update. There are already a few million people using aggregators. My favourite one is Bloglines.