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This year (and also 1st day of 2010) Madeira expects to re-break the world record for the title of hosting the biggest firework display in the world. A title that was give to Funchal in 2006 by the Guiness Book of Records.

The company Macedo Pyrotechnic, who will be directing the New Year Firework theatrical performance in Funchal, is making preparations for the 8 minutes exhibition … using the Funchalense sky as a stage. There will be over a million protagonists namely lights and colors lighting up the black velvet sky (cross our fingers).

Fim do Ano Funchal Madeira

The show is called ‘Ilhas Afortunadas’ (Fortunate Islands) and it consists of launching over 97,000 individual fireworks, … which is a far superior number than the 67,000 that has burned the sky in 2006 and resulted in Madeira earning the Guiness Book of Records title then.

There will be approx. 40 launching points with 17 tonnes of fireworks spread over various locations in Funchal. The island of Porto Santo will not be left behind and will also have its own firework show.


anne-marie monk · December 26, 2009 at 6:32 pm

Where is the best place to watch the fireworks. We are arriving in Funchal on the 28th December and have usually visited in June and August. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere by the harbour but I understand the Hotel are bussing people to the football stadium to view the spectacle. I am worried that I will miss the local atmosphere if I chose to go there. Any ideas?

    Editor · December 27, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    If you are staying at one of the hotels in Funchal then chances are that you will have a good view. If you are staying outside Funchal … then you could try to get to the Avenida do Mar. The best location would be the pier but I am afraid that it will be packed with people. Also traffic will be horrible if you try to go by car (especially if you are planning to leave Funchal after the fireworks … it can take hours before you can get out the outskirts of the city).

    Try on the 29th or 30th of December to scout for a few locations with a good clear view of the city. There are some places on higher grounds (hill) where you can have a good view …. and also park your car. If you do not have a car …. then I suggest that you go by taxi … prepare yourself for a long night … walking around …. and take your time. The best is to wait a while, after the fireworks event, … and have some fun in the city.

    Another tip would be to watch the fireworks from one of the boats/catamarans …. only I am afraid these are fully booked and/or too expensive.

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