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Kaitlin Sowinski, young American amazon from Hopkinton (Rhode Island – US), lives in Madeira (3 months) and plays professional basketball with Clube Amigos do Basquet (CAB) of Funchal.

In her blog she describes how she (tries to) adjust to live on a island like Madeira. The differences she encounters in the area such as culture, food, language, and daily living habits. Also she gives a firsthand impression of what options are available for people her age, …. what to do and having fun (or not) …. in comparison with US ‘standards’.

In her blog-post Life might not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we might as well dance! Kaitlin takes us into the nightlife of Funchal.

Coming fresh off my senior year of college I thought I had an exceptional tolerance to the multiple exhaustions and demands of a typical night out on the town, but then I came Madeira. I honestly don’t think the general population works Friday to Monday because I can’t think of any way people could party in this manner and still be functional for a full day of work on Monday.

Well Kaitlin …. you would be surprised to know how many do even continue to work in the weekend. Why do you think most locals here wear sunglasses … all the time!