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The restoration of Monte Railway will start in the first quarter of 2010 unknown. According to a publication (unfortunately now removed) of the Madeira Tourism this will be a funicular railway system.

The plan is to restore the original railway, which used to run between the center of Funchal and the parish of Monte.

Comboio Monte

In the past (first half of the 20th century) Monte was connected to Funchal by Madeira’s only cog railway, which used to carry people between Funchal and Monte and further up to Terreiro da Luta at 867 m above sea level. The railway was inaugurated in 1893 and has operated until 1943.

What is a Funicular?
A funicular railway, also known as a inclined or cliff railway, is a cable railway in which a cable attached to a pair of tram-like vehicles on rails moves them up and down a steep slope, the ascending and descending vehicles counterbalancing each other.

What is a Cog railway?
A cog railway, also known as a rack railway, is a railway with a toothed rack rail, usually between the running rails. The trains are fitted with one or more cog wheels or pinions that mesh with this rack rail. This allows the trains to operate on steep gradients.

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Ricardo Figueira · November 10, 2009 at 2:24 pm

I was looking for this information on the site of Madeira Tourism. Also looked in Google about it but not found. Can you share the link of it to know more details? If you have it of course.

Thanks for updating this blog.


Ricardo Figueira

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