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I was invited for the premiere of the Madeirense movie production As memórias que nunca se apagam .… “The memories that never extinguish” … that took place yesterday at the Congress Center of Madeira Casino.

It is a short film made by two filmmakers Dinarte Freitas and Eduardo Costa. The congress center was packed (there was not enough chairs) and my impression of the film is very positive.

It showed the Madeira of the past … and how people lived in those days. The large part of the public (mainly Madeirans) adored certain expressions that was used in the dialogs … remembering how their ancestors thought in those days … but still cherished by the younger generation with applauses during the film. I had doubts they could show us scenes of how the island was in the past without any traces of modern times such as car roads, bridges, tunnels and buildings. I was happy to see that the filmmakers could exhibit us beautiful virgin panoramas (São Jorge, Boaventura and other northern areas) as if time has not changed anything these last centuries. However I could not say that the girl in the story did experience the same luck when she loses her virginity in the film.

The film tells the story of a forbidden love between João and Maria, two young Madeirans. The year 1936, in São Jorge, Madeira, where João, a young farmer, has a crush for Maria … they decide to flee to get married and refuge in a cave of Pico Ruivo but they end up being discovered by Antonio, the girl’s father who prevents them to see each other. João departs abroad and promises her that he will take her with him … but the time passes and João never returns …. till now, João is back to the island. Everything has changed … also Maria … but did their love also changed?

The only disappointment I had with the film … it was too short (30 minutes). I understand that this was inevitable due to the setbacks and lack of funds by … lets say … certain people that claim at first to support these local initiatives but afterwards the words are not converted into deeds.

I do hope to see more of this film … the longer (original) version. But even more I hope that we will see more of these kind of projects in the near future … in which the history and the culture of Madeira will be part of the script.

I get the impression that the authorities and bodies that represent the island are not aware of the high interest (outside Madeira) for the culture and its past. I find it sad to notice, within certain inhabitants on the island, that they feel ashamed to talk about what they call ‘peasant way of living’ … that it displays poverty and simplicity. But their shame is groundless because we (foreigners) see things that what we have lost a long time ago in the countries where we grew up … and now have disappeared because of the modernization. Now people are in search of that so called simplicity. So why do you think they come to Madeira?

Again I (and all my friends and acquaintances) welcome these kind of initiatives … from which we can learn and understand more about Madeira … so that we one day in the future can also laugh and applaud when seeing it on the screen. Proud to be also a part of it.

Watch the video-clip of this Madeiran motion picture

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Maggie Techara · January 31, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Where could I purchase Virgilio Teixeira film “As memorias que nunca se a pagan”. I live in the USA

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