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We received the following mail from Beatrice:


I would like to ask your attention to the story of a little dog whom I have called Maxi, who I found on the street and whom I have been giving food and water for the past few months while I was living on Madeira. Unfortunately, I can’t continue doing this, as I have to go back to my country and do not have room for a dog at home. As Maxi has grown used to being cared for, it breaks my heart to leave him like that. Even when I was away for a day or two on the island he was very sad and didn’t eat until I got back. He’s a very cute little dog, quite young (about a year I would guess), playful, full of energy and healthy. He likes to run around and play, and is very easy to maintain, as he’s used to going for walks on his own – it would be ideal if someone who has a garden and/or lives in a quiet area would be willing to take him, because then he could come and go as he likes; he only needs food, water, a dry place to sleep and some loving attention every now and then.

He’s generally very quiet, and house-trained – he never peed in my house or anywhere near his sleeping place. Is there any chance you might put this story on your website? I am leaving in a little over a week, so there isn’t much time left… I’ve already asked everyone I know, but people either already have dogs or don’t want them. I’ll include two pictures. I really hope you can help! I wouldn’t want Maxi to become another one of those sad animals at SPAD who spend some time in a cage before they are put to sleep. I can send you pictures as soon as this internet connection is working better again…
Thanks and best,

New Update:
just a short update on Maxi:

Maxi has been with a new owner for about a week now, a family of dog-lovers in Machico. At first I was a bit worried because the space where he is staying is very small and he has to share it with another dog, but regular reports from the new owner have put my mind to ease – they go out with Maxi on a long walk at least once a day, and there is a levada close to the house where he can run around on his own and return to the house when he wants. On weekends they often go to the countryside, where they also take the dog on walks. Maxi also seems to get along fine with the other dog, a puppy, and apparently has already developed a great liking for his new owners, jumping into their arms and asking for caresses whenever he gets a chance. Although I have been unable to go and visit – and also considered this unwise in the view of Maxi getting confused – it looks like he has adapted to his new environment very well, so I can leave Madeira with an easier mind, even though I’ll never forget this little dog.
Thanks again for putting this up on your website and for taking an interest.