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A new blog Madeira Walking is looking for beginner or experienced enthusiast walkers, social walkers or solitary stroller, who have visited Madeira Island (or are living on Madeira), and wants share their thoughts, views, experiences, suggestions with fellow walkers and nature lovers.

The Madeira Walking Blog is a free consumer generated media that offers reviews and information to help travelers to plan a secure and pleasant visit to the Madeira Islands. Anyone can send their their views, stories in their own language and include photos in order for others to research potential new locations on the archipelago of Madeira for them to visit.

The goal of Madeira Walking is become a complete Nature information website, covering walks (Levadas, mountains and coastal walks), Flora/Fauna, Health &Safety, Facilities, Equipments, Traveling, Services and everything else to ensure an enjoyable visit to Madeira.

Interested? Want to repay Mother Nature for one of its beautiful offspring with the name Laurisilva by praising in words and images on the web? Then visit Madeira Walking and Join the Club.

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iwri · April 24, 2008 at 6:23 pm

Wauw! What a great site!! I’ll check it for new stuff and when we are back from Madeira, we’ll let you know what our experiences were!!

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