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Since April last year … some of you will have noticed that something has changed in the Funchal view. Something has been ‘wiped out‘ from the picture. The cable balloon is not anymore!

Start of april last year the Funchal Balloon went down due to hard winds … never seen it again. We don’t know if there will be a 2.0 version of the balloon (not even a beta version?).

We, of the Blog Thoughts Madeira, want not only to inform you about existing attractions …. but we also want to mention …. new ideas! As from Thoughts (Mind) also ideas can exists … therefore we would like to use our Blog (Body?) to share these with you.

How about instead of the balloon we introduce ….

Dinner in the Sky
Dinner in the Sky Dinner in the Sky Dinner in the Sky Dinner in the Sky Dinner in the Sky Dinner in the Sky Dinner in the Sky Dinner in the Sky Dinner in the Sky 

We are pretty sure that this new attraction would be a very interesting for tourists as well as for the locals. An idea for hotels to impress their guests? How about a meeting …. on high levels?

Unfortunately there is no way to put a patent on the idea … but you have read it first here (it meaning the Funchal version). How knows … by reading this it will be a new challenge for someone … and maybe we will get an invitation (in the future).

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Lizzie Reeve · February 12, 2008 at 10:43 pm

oh my golly gosh!
I think i wouldn’t even be able to eat up there becuase my stomach would be trembelling with fear let alone trying to concentrate on a meeting…could make exellent scare tactics on getting associates to sign deals though! haha.

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