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Madeira Carnival, Madeira Mardi Gras or Madeira Carnaval 2012 is the next main event here on the island. Many people believe that this is Europe’s best Carnival event.

You have not seen the Carnival of Madeira yet? … then I suggest you come over and experience the unique atmosphere that resembles the Brazilian Carnival … only more closer to your home.

There are two main parades, namely the Allegoric Parade and ‘Cortejo Trapalhão‘ (Fun Parade).

The Grand Carnival Float Pageant or Allegoric Parade takes place on this weekend. A total of 1,500 participants … members of numerous Samba groups which will compete against each in a friendly battle for the best performance and show on the streets of Funchal.

Colours, music, dancing, laughter, singing, erotic and mind-dazzling costumes are a few of the ‘weapons’ they will be using to achieve their goal … which is getting the bystanders and tourists also to dance.

On (Shrove) Tuesday is the second parade called ‘o Trapalhão‘ … the Fun Parade. A parade that everybody can take part in and it creates an atmosphere of effusive revelry. Surprising examples of creativity and imagination are finally displaying themselves after a year of waiting for this moment … and there is no shortage of daring caricatures, exciting costumes, and crazy creations. You will be amazed to discover an unknown side of the Madeira locals and wonder ‘are these the same people I run into each day here on Madeira?‘ …. however you wonder with a big smile.

Both parades will take place in the center of Funchal. For the exact route information consult the local newspapers, Madeira Tourism Board channels, hotel reception or your travel hostess.

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chris · February 10, 2008 at 9:34 am

Glad to have an explanation of the parade I watched a week ago – the Saturday one! I shall be posting my own impressions of that next…

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