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There are many travel journals, travelogues and online diaries about people visiting the island of Madeira … but the one that I found lately is, in my opinion, a special one. A travelogue written by Mrs. Frances A. Roper, in which she describes, day by day, her visit to Madeira. What is so special about this? you might ask. Well … this journal was written in …. 1954

In July 2003 Nick Hubbard was going through the family archives and found a black notebook entitled “Visit To Madeira” of his Aunt Frances. It was a dairy in which she registered her visit to the island of Madeira from 25th Sept till 9th Oct 1954.

The travel journal also included photographs she has taken, brochures and postcards. Nick scanned these and copied up all her work (without changing the text) into a few webpages.

Read how visitors experienced the island of Madeira in those days …. more than 50 years ago. This is very pleasant reading supported with idyllic images. Enjoy!

Madeira Visit from 25th Sept till 9th Oct 1954

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