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On 13th to 15th of September Porto Santo will devote these days to one of its most important habitant who lived several years on this island ……. Christopher Columbus!

1478 was the year that Columbus traveled to Madeira for the first time. In those years Funchal ’s was one of the largest sugar trade centres of the world. But for Chris there was another reason for him visiting the island … namely Donna Filipa Moniz, daughter of the first donee of Porto Santo …. Bartolomeu Perestrelo. The discoverer of the new world his first conquest would be marrying Filipa … which was gifted with the birth of their first child, Diogo, who was born in Porto Santo.

The festival on Porto Santo is therefore dedicated to Columbus his life on the islands. It is held in Vila Baleira and involves music, exhibitions and parades recalling the age of the Portuguese discoveries and the voyages to the new world.