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I was hoping to find a lot of YouTube videos with film impressions of the latest International Fireworks Competition that took place at the Funchal marina (Madeira). But unfortunately not many have yet uploaded their videos.

Ah well …. I did not had my video camera with me, but only my Canon Power Shot S50 digital camera, with it I captured a few images on film. It was on the last Saturday of the competition when country Portugal was giving a great show. As Portugal was the organizing country it did not compete for the title, but gave only a performance.

Okay … I have the video … but now the Music. This time I have chosen one of my favourite music …. “Happy” from the Dutch rockband Intwine.

Check out the video at YouTube … for a “Happy Fireworks” show.

    Click twice on the arrow in the image to start the video. If this does not work, then go here to visit the corresponding YouTube page.