Madeira is safe, but …

levadeiro/ April 22, 2007/ Island, Levadas, Madeira, Tips, Uncategorized

Our last blog (Is Madeira Safe?) we received lots of comments from visitors that find Madeira Island a safe place to visit. However …. we did received reports that in March tourists were robbed during a walk at Levada dos Piornais east of Quebradas and the Levada dos Tornos. Information tells us that the attackers were caught, but it is still a reason of concern. These tourists went walking on their own without a guide or in a group.

In our latest Safety precautions Levada walk we advise people to do a walk in company of a qualified guide. Police advices not to walk on these levadas in groups of less than 6-8 people. In case you feel that you are capable to do the walk by yourself (without a guide), then before you do the walk please ask (at least) your tour operator what the latest news is on these levadas.