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Charles count de Lambert is a famous French/Russian aviator. He was the first student taught by Wilbur Wright in France. On October 18, 1909, he was the first to fly over Paris and around the Eiffel Tower. In addition, he set an altitude record that same day.

Charles Lambert first flightHe was also the first aviator to fly in Holland (The Netherlands) on June 27, 1909, with a Wright Flyer. Although the flight only lasted 3.5 minutes! This will be commemorated in 2009 as the centenary of the nationally historical flight.

Did you know that he was born in Funchal (island of Madeira) on December 30 1865 at 03:30 …. and to be precise in ‘Quinta Vigia’ … the Official Residence of the President of the Regional Government. Did you know that ‘Quinta Vigia’ was before called ….. ‘Quinta Lambert’ … owned by the count Alexandre Carlos Lambèrt, adjutant of the Russian Empress.

We can safely say that …. one of the world famous aviators was …. from Madeira.

More about Charles count de Lambert you can find in the website of Gerard J. van Heusden: