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We, of the Blog.Thoughts.Madeira, are looking for Madeira-lovers and/or visitors that would like to share their views, suggestions, stories, and experience about the island.

Do you want to participate as a guest blogger on our blog?

Would you like to write an article about the island? Its culture … nature … the people … history etc. and publish it here with your name and, if desired, a link to your own website?

Then please send/mail your article to the following address:

Please be aware that there are a few rules when participating. The article …

  • it must be related to the island Madeira (or Porto Santo or Desertas);
  • must be in English;
  • not too commercial or its focus is of advertising a business;
  • not too long or too much pictures;
  • nothing offensive, discriminating, x-rated etc.

Share your Thoughts about Madeira with us and the rest of the world … at Blog.Thoughts.Madeira