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The Belgian surgeon Jacques Himpens, one of the pioneering and most experienced bariatric surgeons, has found that Madeira offers an attractive environment where he can perform his surgical weight loss procedures. Doctor Jacques Himpens considers the quality of the local medical facilities, the professionalism of the medical team that he works with and the pleasant climate, which contributes greatly to patient recovery, to be some of Madeira’s most valuable aspects.

This world-famous surgeon has organized a package of services for his patients, which includes surgery, hospitalization and treatment at the clinic, and post-operative care. The package also includes accommodation at a hotel in Funchal for the patient and his or her companions, as well as nursing services.

The quality of the medical services in the Madeira region and the magnificent conditions it provides to cater to the recovery of patients and the well-being of their companions during their stay, has led to patients from all over the world coming to Madeira.


(Source Madeira Tourism)