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ON: Porto Bay’s initiative to revive Funchal’s “Old Town”

The old section of Funchal, its revitalization and energizing, has motivated the Porto Bay group. This is where ON begins, a project of cultural and social intervention that brings together activities of “fusion art” and artistic demonstrations which will take place on the following 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September. The name ON results from joining “Old” and “New”, meaning to set in motion, turn on, energize…

ON - Porto Bays initiative to revive Funchals Old Town

ON presents organized activities in the main streets of the Old Section. There will be live art outdoors in the painting areas, portraits, cartoons and sculpture in which nearly a dozen national and regional artists will be participating. Different exhibiting areas also allow for the display of works of art and photography. Craftwork displays, child painting workshops, design facilities, a multimedia room, floral arrangements and face painting are just a few other activities taking place. As for street entertainment, ON promises a diversity of music and the participation of various artists.

Profits go to APPC and Centro de Acolhimento de Santiago (Santiago Shelter)

ON’s main goal is to contribute to social solidarity activities. On September 3rd an auction dinner will be held and the profits from exhibition sales and other activities will be handed over to two associations – the Portuguese Cerebral Palsy Association of Madeira (APPCM) and the Santiago Shelter.