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Lot of travel and lodging businesses that also owns a website spend lot of time and money in having a multilingual website. For example I write this weblog about Madeira in English … but I also would like to have a Portuguese version … because Madeira is a Portuguese island. The same time I want to reach another mayor visitor’s category namely the Germans and Spanish. Let’s not forget the Italians and the French. However … I do not have the time to translate all the text and, for sure, I do not want to waste money in expensive multi-language CMS software for achieve this.

BUT … why invent the wheel if it is already built? And it’s even free to put it under your wagon. Who else but Google (again?) has built the translating-wheel.

Want to read this blog in Portuguese? What about German, French, Spanish or Italian? Hey! Let’s boogie all the way to into Japanese, Chinese, and even Korean.

This all thanks to Google’s Language Tools … that translates with one click my blog’s text into one of eight different languages.

And also thanks to Lorelle who describes how you can do this. Like she says:
Add some language translation links and help spread the word about your blog to the world.

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macnetz · June 27, 2006 at 8:40 pm

From Babel Fish back In English:
“The clearance and accommodation business, which possess also a web site, spends lot time and money loosely, if they have a multilingual web site. E.G. I write this Web log over larva Irish Republican Army in English…, but I also would like to have a Portuguese version…, because larva Irish Republican Army is a Portuguese island. The same time would like I category of another mayor visitor to reach the Germans and the Spanish. Do not let us the Italians and the Frenchmen forget. However… I do not have the time, all text to translate and, for safe, I would like not money in the expensive Multisprachen CMS software for waste obtain this. BUT…, why invent the wheel, if it is already established? And it is even free to set it under your trucks. Who otherwise however Google (again?) the translation wheel established.”
Automatic translations are nonsense

😉 Anton

Don Amaro · June 27, 2006 at 8:56 pm

Hi Nacnetz. Sometimes it is nonsense … but it is start. It is like the first telephone ‘kkrrkkaaakkk can krchchchch you heargggggggggg me?’

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