The customer is not always king

Customer is a king, no not always

For me the way people treat restaurant staff reveals a person’s character.

Customers who treat waiters as ‘slaves’ or ‘servants’ … I consider them as the ‘scum of earth’ and not ‘kings’.

A man (or woman) who, for no reason, is actively unpleasant to waiters .. my advice is to avoided them. Also those who patronize waiters and other service offering staff. People that treat waiters as though they were invisible … are all cretins! They think that it is a sign of sophistication … NOT!
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Vintage Film Madeira 1927 – 1975

VINTAGE FILM MADEIRA – Private collection of Hugo Reis – Year: 1927 – 1975. Production: Hugo Reis (

Madeira 1927-1975 Islands.Doc Festival

This film will be exhibited at the ISLANDS.DOC Festival
Date & Time: Saturday 21 of May at 15h00
Location: Centro das Artes – Casas das Mudas, Calheta – Madeira.
Click here to see where Casa das Mudas is located

Hugo Reis was born in Funchal in 1971 and works as a photographer. Through international auctions, private sellers and throughout internet, Hugo Reis has acquired since 1996 films (film reels) related to Madeira. These films vary in their format (35mm, 16mm, 9.5 mm (Pathé), 8mm and Super 8mm).

Aware of the fragility of the film degrading easily over time and the importance of preserving these memories from the past, Hugo Reis proceeded with the digital conversion of about half of his collection (about 30 film reels) in order to preserve them permanently. These digital conversions were made in a proper studio in the U.K. The rest of the collection (about 40 films of various formats) are awaiting the opportunity to be converted in the near future.

Columbus Festival – Festival Colombo 2011

The Columbus Festival was first held in 2000 with the aim of launching a quality cultural tourism offer on the island of Porto Santo. This year it will be held from 15th till 17th of September 2011.

The event is based around the historical figure of Christopher Columbus, who had close links with Madeira both as a sugar trader during the island’s sugar boom years and as the result of his marriage to Filipa de Moniz, the daughter of Isabel Moniz and Bartolomeu Perestrelo, the first Captain-Donatory of Porto Santo, and is held in tribute to the man who became a famous 15th century explorer.

In recent years, the festival has taken on the format of a historical recreation of everyday life in the 15th century, in particular in the period marked by Columbus’s time on the island, which enchants tourists and residents alike.

The programme includes a 15th century fair and supper, the landing of Christopher Columbus, a military detachment, a children’s area with Renaissance games, circus displays, plays, displays by groups of buccaneers and non-stop fun and entertainment including lots of music and European and oriental dances.

The local population and tourists are encouraged to take the part of characters in the festival and period costumes are provided that give an authentic feel to the event.

There are other side attractions taking place simultaneously, including regional gastronomy, crafts and other activities adding to the general bustle amid the historical figures.

Source: Madeira Turismo

This festival needs a better disclosure. Write the dates down in your agenda and visit Porto Santo on those days. It is worth it!

Raizes de um Povo – Roots of a People

We need to learn the past …. to understand the present … and prepare for the future.


This magnificent project, created by Eduardo Costa Audiovisual Productions, aims an encounter with the valuable past, the Folklore and Ethnography of the archipelago of Madeira. It portraits in terrific details the daily life and activities the small nation in the past, but in some places still present-day culture and profession.

The project “Raízes de um Povo” (Roots of a People) is a 13 documentaries about 25 minutes. Each county of Madeira will have its own documentary. There will be a dedicated version for the Christmas period on Madeira. The main objective is to produce a true and accurate reference that guarantees historical consistency and validity.

Maritimo Goes Dutch

Club Sport Marítimo, commonly known as just Marítimo, is a Portuguese sports club which is best known for its football team that plays at the Estádio dos Barreiros in Funchal, Madeira Islands.

The new skipper of Marítimo, Mitchell van der Gaag (Dutch), will show the Portuguese lion how to roar like the Dutch (Orange) lion.

The Scottish newspaper The Sun published an interview with Mitchell:

“Life on Madeira is slow-paced – except if you’re boss of the island’s top team Maritimo. … Maritimo have a growing reputation in the Portuguese top flight but they’ve gone through TEN managers in just six years. …”

“There is plenty of quality, in terms of technical ability – but the main problem is the youth teams do not play high-level matches because it’s too far to travel. … Some players are also not driven by success. They don’t want to leave the island. … That’s the only down side to Madeira – life’s TOO good here. But to be a success you have to work for it, as Ronaldo has shown.”

Click here to read the full interview at The Sun

Madeira 1840 till 1960

Laninka from Canada has sent us a link to a beautiful Youtube video (actually a slide show) of old photos of Madeira Island from 1840 till 1960. It show mainly Funchal with its surroundings, landscapes, customs, how people lived and the types of public transport that were used during those years. Between the photos are also paintings and engravings of the 18th and 19th century.

Sit back … have a Poncha or Madeira Wine, if possible, and watch the rich historical video created by Gil Santos from Madeira. Duration 8 and a half minutes.

See also other vintage videos of Madeira:

Vânia Fernandes

Vânia Fernandes, a 23 year-old singer … born in the Madeira Island, she won in Portugal the last edition of the popular Portuguese version of the Idol show called Operação Triunfo. Vânia entered various music contests at the age of 10 and later on she went to perform in hotels and local festivities on Madeira. She did her music studies and singing lessons on the Conservatorio do Funchal (Music and Art Conservatorium in Funchal).

During the music contest (Operação Triunfo) she was highly complimented by the jury … for her prominent voice and strong presence on the stage.

On the 9th of March Vânia will attempt to represent Portugal at the 2008 Eurovision Songcontest. She will be singing the song Senhora do Mar, with her colleagues as backing singers (Evelyne, Jessica, Joana, Jonas and Luis) at the 2008 Festival da Canção. The music was composed by Andrej Babic and the lyrics were written by Carlos Coelho.

We wish her (again) boa sorte! (update) congratulations!

Sunny North

Last week both my wife and I went for holidays “abroad”. Actually it was not abroad … we went to the North of the Madeira Island, Ponta Delgada and Boaventura. But for those who live on Madeira will agree with me that the North of the island has different scenery … and it is as if you are on another island. Green mountain cliffs and rocky edge, a display that is interrupted by small villages and with the vast Atlantic Ocean guarding the coastline. Another beautiful side that the island proudly bears.

Although we stayed for just three days/two nights we have had the opportunity to relax to the max and enjoy quality time, thanks to the location, environment, people (locals) and, last but not least, the sunny weather that took place during our stay.

I will limit myself to mention the highlights of our visit to the North of the island:

Casa da Capelinha
Casa da Capelinha - view from apartmentWe stayed at Casa da Capelinha (Ponta Delgada) which took about 40 minutes drive to reach. Self –catering apartment’s complex that lies in the coastal part of the picturesque town of Ponta Delgada. Adjacent to the property and part of the complex is the newly restored Chapel of Reis Magos (The Three Kings), a small chapel (build in the 16th century) with a large historical interest.

From our apartment we enjoyed each day (and also evenings) of the magnificent view and the sounds of the Ocean echoing against the mountain coast. Even though we only stayed for two nights we find it a very nice place to stay.

For more information you can visit their website:

ER 101
Between Ponta Delgada and Boa Ventura is a small part of the ER 101 ring that curls like an elegant snake the island. This particular part between the two villages not only offers fantastic views from the coastline, but it also can give you a thrill as driver (and passenger also). This is one of the last (typical) road section that was the usual connection between the villages in the North coast …. narrow tunnels and two-ways road. The thrill increases when you notice that also (big) buses are common to encounter on your way.

Most people will think the most awful scenarios will take place in such an occasion, but this is truly not the case. Local drivers are most patient and helpful … they will manage their vehicles in such a way that you easily can pass through … or they will give indications, as most of them know these roads. The important thing is not to panic, be patient and take your time. Remember that buses and lorries often “meet” each other on that same road and … they manage to pass without problems.

L&L Casa de Chá and Moinho a Água
Sign Moinho a Agua We visited the village São Jorge, that is just 8 km away from Santana. There we followed the sign “Moinho e Serragem a Água” (Water mill) road next to the Farmácia and 600m we stopped at the local Tea House “L&L Casa de Chá”, which is also a Bar/Restaurant. The owners are very friendly, speak both Portuguese and English and, if you do not mind, they will join your table to have a chat and answer any question of the area. They have a large terrace with a beautiful view that overlooks São Jorge.

The Tea House is an excellent stop for those who are planning to do the splendid walk Levada do Rei (Kings Levada), of which the start is another 2km up the road.

L&L Tea House is located at Sítio Lombo do Cunha (Tel: +351 291 576 604)

Another stop that is worth to do is the Moinho a Água where the old caretaker of the water mill will explain (and show) how, who, why and when.