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No … we are not planning to renovate our house or to build a new one.

Home is the title of a new “green-awareness” movie created by created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. “Home” is an environmental documentary that is available today worldwide … in open-air spaces as well as theaters, TV, DVD, and the Internet at www.youtube.com/homeproject (untill 14th of June).

I just saw the film …. it has awesome areal images and a great soundtrack. But at the same time it gives you something to think about. “In 200,000 years on earth, … humanity has upset the balance of the planet. Humanity has barely 10 years to reverse the trend.” It shows incredible views of areas where the pollution, earth disruption and catastrophic climate changes are taking place. I got amazed watching it but at the same time I got worried …. and then you hear the narrated words by Glenn Close …. “It’s too late to be a pessimist.

What is the film about? In one sentence:
It is about the creation of earth and how we are handling it now.

It took almost three years to do this mega-movie, …. shot over 217 days in 54 countries, … providing 488 hours of footage.

So … click on the image to go to Youtube and watch the film (in High Definition – HD) …. but be advised you will need to spend 1h30 of your time to watch it. It is worth it. After watching it … I would appreciate to read your comment about it.

Home Project Youtube
Home Project Youtube

This is Madeira we want to preserve

Check the photo show below of Madeira. The Madeira lots of people are talking about … the Madeira that we want to cherish and preserve … the Madeira with its 360 degrees of pure unspoiled beauty … the Madeira with a few places that are difficult to reach, but we do not care as long as we can conserve it.

This is the Madeira that we expect that will still be there for many decades more … for us and for our children. Its beautiful nature, mountains, green valleys, waterfalls, flowers, trees ….

Please protect them …. please respect it.

To see this photo show you need (at least) Adobe Flash Player 9 plugin installed into your web browser.

Attention: this slide show is updated frequently with new images … so it is worth to check this page out more often.

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Rota da Cal

We recently visited a new project on Madeira Island called Rota da Cal (Lime Route / Limestone Trail). Before I continue my story about it … I want to say … it is worth to visit the place.

This project is a educational tourist attraction which is located in São Vicente, Sitio dos Lameiros. It is easy to find. When driving towards São Vicente … just in between Encumeada and São Vicente there is a roundabout where you take the exit to Lameiros. Then follow the signs Rota da Cal.


There you will find the Museum Centre and the Limestone Trail … enclosed in an area of approx. 12.000 m2 …. where, besides its very typical of Madeira’s landscape beauty, you will find two limestone quarries, a lime kiln (= thermally insulated chamber or oven) and other constructions used to support farming and cattle-raising, such as haylofts, cultivation fields and levadas (water channels).

In the Museum Centre you will be informed of the whole process of obtaining limestone in the region. Videos and several posters will explain the Limestone Trail … its significance and importance, from the transport of stones to the transport of water, plus the presence of other limestone kilns in the Region.

From the Museum Centre you can start to take the same trail which limestone workers took many years ago carrying precious limestone, wood and water from the quarries to the Lime Kiln house. When taking the path …. take a moment to stop … make no sound … and enjoy natures relaxing atmosphere.


The (two) quarries are located near the Barrinho stream, at 475 meters of altitude. Also you will find some buildings and characteristics typical of Madeira’s rural landscape, such as the haylofts, cultivation fields, levadas, an irrigation poll and a transport cable.

For more information, please visit their site: www.madeirarotadacal.com

The Museum Centre is open all days except 25th of December and 1st of January.
Open from 10h till 18h (1 April – 30 October)
Open from 10h till 17h (1 November – 31 March)
Prices 4 Euros per person. Visitors above 65 years of age or scholars pay only 2,5 euros. 10% discount for groups of 6 or more.

Special note from the editor:
For those of you that intend to visit the Rota da Cal (and/or any other rural attraction on Madeira) I urge to you to respect its natural environment.

  • Do not litter;
  • Do not disturb the peacefulness;
  • Do not take unasked any souvenirs;
  • Follow the indicated paths and do not enter any restricted areas;
  • Help us to maintain these precious environments on Madeira Islands.

Walkers Wanted

A new blog Madeira Walking is looking for beginner or experienced enthusiast walkers, social walkers or solitary stroller, who have visited Madeira Island (or are living on Madeira), and wants share their thoughts, views, experiences, suggestions with fellow walkers and nature lovers.

The Madeira Walking Blog is a free consumer generated media that offers reviews and information to help travelers to plan a secure and pleasant visit to the Madeira Islands. Anyone can send their their views, stories in their own language and include photos in order for others to research potential new locations on the archipelago of Madeira for them to visit.

The goal of Madeira Walking is become a complete Nature information website, covering walks (Levadas, mountains and coastal walks), Flora/Fauna, Health &Safety, Facilities, Equipments, Traveling, Services and everything else to ensure an enjoyable visit to Madeira.

Interested? Want to repay Mother Nature for one of its beautiful offspring with the name Laurisilva by praising in words and images on the web? Then visit Madeira Walking and Join the Club.

Natures Flower Festival

Preparations are taking place in Funchal (Madeira) for the Flower Festival, that will take place from 5 to 6 April. The goal will be to exceed the success of the street parade …. exhibiting and perfuming the air of Funchal with a multiplicity of floral species of the island. Gathering thousands of children on the Praça do Município where they will build the “Wall of Hope” with flowers. And much more.

But the island itself already has started early this year with its own preparations. Nature has its own agenda and (luckly) does not wait for human beings. Flowers are having their debut in the Laurisilva and other regions.

A new blog called Madeira Walking has captured a few of these flora-princesses and put them on a slideshow. Pictures taken by (levada)walkers when hiking through the veins of the island. So for those who cannot wait for the festival or could not book a trip to Madeira on time …. just enjoy the from following images. Continue reading “Natures Flower Festival”

Dolphins – Delfines – Delphine – Dauphins – Dolfijnen

Dolphins (Delphinidae) … beautiful aquatic mammals which symbolizes joy, freedom, grace and serenity, are also considered to be the most intelligent of all animals, and are very popular because of their playful attitude and friendly appearances.

The waters of Madeira Island (Atlantic Ocean) are frequently blessed with these jewels of the sea … leaping and pushing through the blue waters with incredible speed.

Few island visitors have captured (on camera) these playful creatures. We have collected the best videos from YouTube so that you van view them here. Enjoy …. Continue reading “Dolphins – Delfines – Delphine – Dauphins – Dolfijnen”

Meteorological Phenomenon

Funchal in the CloudsToday on certain parts of Madeira (South Coast) a strange phenomenon took place. It was like in the film of Pirates of the Caribbean …. dense mist from the sea invaded the coastline …. and in it was ……

Especially in Funchal you could see the clouds covering a large part of the city like a blanket. Is this the result of Global Warming? Soslayo from Funchal has captured this phenomenon (see image).

More images also at Humano em Apuros blog.

Cloud Chase

Last Sunday while Alberto Joao Jardim was resetting his government.dll, my wife and I went together with friends for a drive up to the high planes of Paúl da Serra. Enjoying the magnificent mountain views and clear blue skies above the clouds. It is something that you can not capture on a picture. Even on video you can not see and feel the surroundings of such places.

But anyway I have filmed on various locations and created a small movie impression called ‘Cloud Chase’. Using music ‘Calavagada’ performed by Fernando Deghi … which is from his album ‘Viola Brasileira E Suas Possibilidades’.

Beautiful vista of mountains soaring up to the blue sky … screened by Mother Nature with a roof of clouds. Reminding you that there is so much resplendence around you … that you will notice if you just take the time to stop and look around. Sorry … I am getting a little bit poetical when I playback in my mind last Sunday.

    Click twice on the arrow in the image to start the video. If this does not work, then go here to visit the corresponding YouTube page.

Thunder above Madeira Waters

Thunder above Madeira watersBad weather on Madeira Islands? Thunderstorm?

No, do not worry! These last few days we have had some beautiful weather here on the islands and still more to come. No, this picture (Thunder above Madeira Waters) was taken in November last year. Rob Dekker from the Netherlands has captured the thunder lighting that ‘played tag’ with the Atlantic Ocean.

Such thunderstorms tend to pass the islands by from a safe distance … thanks to an ‘invisible’ barrier that protects the archipelago from these forces of Mother Nature. Still it is a beautiful show that its worth while to watch … and, if your are lucky, intercept it … on a digital chip.