Festival do Atlantico, Funchal, Madeira Island

Festival do Atlantico, Funchal, Madeira Island
Festival do Atlantico, Funchal, Madeira Island

The Atlantic Festival is an event organized by the Regional Secretariat of Culture, Tourism and Transport which combines entertainment and culture.

This festival sets the beginning of the summer season in Madeira and includes a miscellaneous of initiatives which extend throughout the month of June: the Madeira Music Festival, the Regional Arts Week and musical fireworks shows. These nightly shows combine fireworks and music, and occur on the pier at Pontinha (Port of Funchal) at 10.30pm on all four Saturdays of the month – the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th.

The Madeira Music Festival takes place during the first half of June and its programme is comprised of various genres, styles and repertoires in order to appeal to all types of audiences with performances by Portuguese and international performers.

The Regional Arts Week, organized by the Coordination Office of Arts Education | SREC, offers a series of events that take place in the central squares of Avenida Arriaga, at InfoArt of the SRT/DRT an in the Auditorium of the Municipal Gardens, such at the Garden Party, Regional Artistic Encounters, the Regional Exhibition of Artistic Expression and MÚSICAebs.

Source: Turismo da Madeira

FusiON Art by Porto Bay @ Zona Velha

More than 30 Portuguese and Spanish artists participated, live and in public, in ON by Porto Bay, … a fusion art festival that took place in Funchal’s historic Old Town.

Event organised by the Porto Bay Hotel Group designed to foster urban entertainment events in the city of Funchal, with the idea that private organisations should also contribute to making the city a more dynamic place. Festival aims to raise funds for charitable purposes.

For more information: www.onbyportobay.com

Braguinha de Madeira

Machete (Braguinha) is characteristic instrument of Madeira Island. It is a small guitar with four gut strings that are tuned in thirds, with the exception of the two main strings, which have an interval of a fourth. This instrument is used by farmers at feasts and dance. The music is vulgar in a succession of simple chords, but in the hands of a gifted player, the machete is capable of much more pleasant harmonies, and strangers are sometimes pleasantly surprised to hear the music … in vogue played with considerable effect of an instrument that seems so insignificant. One or two farmers can often be seen on the field after a hard day of work … playing in their favorite instruments. Continue reading “Braguinha de Madeira”

Events for this month

14th and 15th – Feast of Our Lady of Monte – Funchal
This is considered to be the Region’s main feast concerning the people’s devotion, famous all over the world where emigrants from Madeira have settled. Great popular entertainment during the two festival days, transforms the picturesque and romantic parish of Monte into one of the liveliest places in the island.

14th and 15th – Feast of Our Lady of Grace – Porto Santo
Our Lady of “Graça” Chapel, erected on a hill below the belvedere of Portela, opens its doors to an open air festival which is carried out every year on 14th and 15th August. After the liturgy, which includes the religious ceremonies and a procession, follows the open air popular festival with the traditional stands selling food and drink, music and lots of entertainment.

21st – Grand Parade to Commemorate the Day of the City of Funchal
Celebrations to commemorate the Day of the City, on 21 August, will once again feature a historical procession, entitled “The History of Funchal in the Street”. Several periods and events from the history of Funchal and the Region will be recreated. The parade will involve hundreds of participants, dressed in the styles of the different periods and will go along the main streets of the city, as part of an exciting event to promote the city by remembering the past and enabling us to reflect on the future.
The complete programme can be seen at www.funchal21deagosto.com.

21st to 30th- Caniço Promenade Nights – Caniço de Baixo
A Gastronomic Week which is held every year on the Promenade in Caniço-de-Baixo, with the participation of various music bands and some of the hotels, restaurants and bars of Caniço.

22nd – XXVIII Faial International Song Festival -“Voices of the Atlantic” – Faial
This is a Festival of original songs, held at Faial Polidesportivo (multi-faced sport Pavillion), organised by the Sports and Cultural Association of this parish, Faial, which belongs to the municipality of Santana.

25th to 30th – São Vicente – Municipal Festivities
An exciting programme of cultural and social events will take place for a week in the picturesque town of São Vicente, on the north coast of the Island of Madeira. Highlights of the various concerts are Jorge Palma on the 27 th and the Dutch Hermes House Band, on the 28th. The complete programme can be seen at www.svicente.com.

25th to 30th – XVIII Round Madeira by Canoe 2009
Organised by the Centro de Treino Mar of Madeira, this is an international race of the F.P.C. and I.C.F. This event is internationally known for its difficulty, but also for its good organization and natural beauty offered by the coast of the island. The race covers 141 Km distributed along 9 laps. Enrollment is open only to Sea Kayak – K1 and K2.
Further information at www.madeiraemcanoa.com

28th– Wine Harvest Festival – Porto Santo
This festival provides all its visitors with information on the different varieties of grape produced in Porto Santo. It is held, by 10 p.m. at `Largo das Palmeiras’, where a public wine press will be assembled, with wine tasting, demonstrations on the wine making process and an exhibition of the utensils related to vine growing and caring. There will also be musical entertainment with traditional singing groups.

29 th- XIX National and XII International Folklore Festival – Ponta do Sol
This event has been organised by the Ponta do Sol Folklore Group and the local City Hall. The festival will feature regional, national and foreign groups such as: the Ponta do Sol Folklore Group, and groups from Figueira da Foz, the Algarve, the Azores, Ribatejo, Sweden, Spain and Italy.

Source: Madeira Tourism

Stand By Me

Living on Madeira …. I contemplate to the world (thanks to the Web) in a different (and relaxing) way …
Just wanted to share this video with you all … Stand By Me (enjoy)

Merci Maja for sharing it with me

Monte Festival

One of the most popular religious (folk) festivals of Madeira will take place … the Monte FestivalA Nossa Senhora do Monte (Our Lady of the Mount).

With this festival Funchal commemorates the deliverance of the people from hunger and plague. Celebrations consists of a city fair which lasts through the night, with braziers and all sorts of wonderful Madeirense delicacies to feed the both inhabitants and tourists. There is no need to get up early the next day as it is a national holiday. People head to church to celebrate Mass, which is followed by a procession from the church in which the devout pilgrims of the Senhora do Monte thank their saint for all the blessings they have received over the year.

The Church of Our Lady of the Mount, patron saint of Madeira, is also very popular with pilgrims who come here to pray or fulfill vows by the tomb of Emperor Karl I of Austria. Karl I died in 1922 at Quinta do Monte, now called Quinta Jardins do Imperador or Quinta of the Emperor´s Gardens. It is a lively celebration lasting two days and transforms the romantic, picturesque parish of Monte into one of the busiest places in Madeira, full of food and drink stalls and plenty of music. (source: Turismo da Madeira)

Regional Events Month of July

11 to 13 July – 53rd Livestock and Agribusiness Fair – Porto Moniz
Organized for the first time in 1955 in order to encourage development of animal rearing, this has become a rural event of particular importance to the Region. Various exhibits of animals and objects related to local farming are available for visitors to see in Santa – Porto Moniz. This takes place in a rural environment, and there are many outdoor stands providing home-made bread, espetada (beef skewer) and drinks.

19 to 20 July – 5th Regional Banana Fair – Madalena do Mar
The parish of Madalena do Mar is the venue for the Regional Banana Fair. This event, with several forms of revelry, is held in honor of one of the most important local agricultural products: the Madeira banana.

20 July – 5th Traditional Madeira Fishing Boat Regatta – Funchal
Funchal bay will be the scenery for the 5th Traditional Madeira Fishing Boat Regatta, which will start at 4 pm. The regatta course starts at Funchal pier and ends in Barreirinha, in the old part of the city. This annual event brings together sea folk from and outside the city and is part of the commemorations marking the 500th anniversary of Funchal city.

23rd July – Madeira International Athletics Meeting – Ribeira Brava
This is an athletics event, promoted by the Athletics Association of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. It is held in the Madeira Sports Centre, located at Ribeira Brava, on the West Coast.

23 to 26 July – Roots of the Atlantic (Raízes do Atlântico) Festival – Funchal
This is a traditional music festival with the participation of national and international artists within the area of World Music, as well as the best groups of traditional music from Madeira. The festival shall take place at the Municipal Garden auditorium in Funchal, with concerts starting at 9:30 pm every day.

31 July to 2 August – Madeira Wine Rally
This is one of the most important trials of the European Championship, and the most important sport event in the region. World-famous rally drivers bring their cars to this competition. Thousands of people fill the mountain slopes in order to find a good spot to watch the cars speeding.

Source: Madeira Tourism Board

Funchal Jazz Festival

For those of you who searches for “Jazz” on the web will notice that the last few years a new location has appeared on the top result pages, namely “Funchal Jazz Festival“.

Funchal Jazz FestivalThe 9th edition of authentic Jazz by famous artists, organized by Funchal Municipal Council, that will be held in the open air at the gardens of Quinta Magnólia on 3, 4 and 5 July.

On these days the folkloric “Bailinho da Madeira” will have to take a break and make place for the sounds of musical improvisation, swing, blue notes, call and response, polyrhythm, syncopation, topped with African American musical styles, seasoned with Western music techniques.

For more information about the festival visit: Funchal Jazz Festival