Levadas Me Levem

Fernando Deghi, musician, researcher, composer, arranger and maestro of the Guitarra do Sertão, the Guitar from Sertão, origin inlands northeast of Brazil. Fernando has dedicated himself to pull this guitar from the shadows of forgotten and to put it back in to the spotlights. With his compositions he explorers the melody borders that the guitarra can reach using the most divergent styles and arrangements, where he uses of a methodology developing the technique in playing and extending the repertoire.

Since 1989 Fernando has intensified its study of the Guitarra do Sertão and has proven the possibilities of it as solo-instrument within several music styles. Degli has succeeded in obtaining more from the Guitarra, becoming an instrument that describes feelings, stories and even landscapes.

In YouTube I found a 2 minute composition of Fernando called Caminho da Ribeira do Inferno – Levadas Me Levem (Road of the River to Hell – Levadas That Takes Me). A composition dedicated and named to one of the levadas here on Madeira.

Click (twice) on the arrow and enjoy the sound of the Guitarra do Sertão (the levada images you will see are those of the Levada do Caldeirão Verde / Santana and not that of the Ribeira do Inferno itself).

    Click twice on the arrow in the image to start the video. If this does not work, then go here to visit the corresponding YouTube page.

Safety precautions Levada walk

Please follow the next safety precautions when you are planning to take a Levada walk here on Madeira:

  • When taking a Levada walk you must always be in company of a qualified guide;
  • Prepare yourself and collect all updated information about the route you are planning to follow;
  • Make sure about the total time you will be spending on that route (so that you will finish the tour before dark);
  • Inform the hotel receptionist or any other reliable person about the route that you plan to do and the expected time of arrival;
  • Never change the course of your planned route;
  • Always take something to eat and drink (such as canned fruit juices, chocolate and dried fruits);
  • Take extra plastic bags to put in leftovers or rubbish when you do a stop to eat/drink;
  • Important that you always carry an electric torch with spare batteries;
  • Take your own mobile phone, even if your operating network doesn’t exist in here. You can always call the emergency number 112 and it will search for an alternative net;
  • In case of a interruption during a course (falling rocks, heavy rain or wind) go back to the starting point following same trail;
  • Do not take risks;
  • In case of any accident call immediately 112 and if you cannot get through, walk on the same course and keep trying again until you get a connection;
  • Stay calm and inform what, when and where the accident has happened, also the number of people involved and the estimated stage of victims;
  • The more information you transmit, the better and more efficient help will be provided.

Important phone numbers:

Madeira Civil Protection – (+351) 291 700 112
Emergency Number – 112

Levadas Under Construction

I do hate the word ‘Under Construction‘ … but in this case it is different …

To everybody that is planning to do a Levada walk these following months, please be advised that the following main Levada passages will be closed for the pedestrians, due to labour to improve the safety and increasing the benefit of leisurely walk.

Pico do Gato Pico Ruivo Achada do Teixeira – each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the entire period starting 24th of July 2006 until the end of December 2006.

Queimadas Caldeiṛo Verde Рeach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the entire period starting 24th of July 2006 until the end of October 2006

Boca da Corrida Encumeada – each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the entire period starting 24th of July 2006 until the end of February 2007

The following walk routes are likely to be affected by these temporary closures:

Pico do Gato – Pico Ruivo – Achada do Teixeira;
Ribeiro Frio – Lamaceiros – Portela;
Queimadas РCaldeiṛoVerde;
Achada do Teixeira – Ilha;
Boca da Corrida – Encumeada;
Pico Ruivo – Encumeada;
Quebradas – Ribeiro Frio (Levada do Rei)

Please verify with your tour operator or hotel if any doubts.

Capturing the Pro capturing

A few weeks ago my friend Hugo invited me for a levada walk … Queimadas to Caldeirão Verde … the path starts at the guesthouse (Queimadas) and goes through a beautiful emerald green paradise … with waterfalls on the way. It is a moderated walk of approximate 4 hours.

Madeira Images - madeiraarchipelago.com

Just a simple levada walk … you will think. But in Hugo’s case it was different … namely … he wanted to take pictures of the levada. Not just the standard holidays-pictures … but the more professional approach.

Carrying a Nikon D100 SLR camera, a bag full of films, lenses and a tripod … we went to the levada. I took my faithful Canon PowerShot with me … a little bit ashamed hidden in my bag …

While Hugo took pictures of the beautiful scenery we came across the levada …. I took pictures of him taking the pictures. I must say the images that I took with the PowerShot are not bad … you can see the Pro with his Nikon D100 High performance digital SLR camera in action … capturing Mother Nature’s handwork of waterfalls, levada channels, Laurisilvia offspring and other beauties this wonderful path offers.

Madeira Images - madeiraarchipelago.com

We also came a couple of tourists on our way. One was even riding on a (mountain)bike … on the levada. Another Spanish tourist wanted to show off to his walking companions by taking a dangerous path that goes right under a waterfall. Hugo captured the moment … and I captured Hugo capturing the moment.

It was a fun day …

Link to Hugo’s website: Madeira Archipelago.com