Festival do Atlantico, Funchal, Madeira Island

Festival do Atlantico, Funchal, Madeira Island
Festival do Atlantico, Funchal, Madeira Island

The Atlantic Festival is an event organized by the Regional Secretariat of Culture, Tourism and Transport which combines entertainment and culture.

This festival sets the beginning of the summer season in Madeira and includes a miscellaneous of initiatives which extend throughout the month of June: the Madeira Music Festival, the Regional Arts Week and musical fireworks shows. These nightly shows combine fireworks and music, and occur on the pier at Pontinha (Port of Funchal) at 10.30pm on all four Saturdays of the month – the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th.

The Madeira Music Festival takes place during the first half of June and its programme is comprised of various genres, styles and repertoires in order to appeal to all types of audiences with performances by Portuguese and international performers.

The Regional Arts Week, organized by the Coordination Office of Arts Education | SREC, offers a series of events that take place in the central squares of Avenida Arriaga, at InfoArt of the SRT/DRT an in the Auditorium of the Municipal Gardens, such at the Garden Party, Regional Artistic Encounters, the Regional Exhibition of Artistic Expression and MÚSICAebs.

Source: Turismo da Madeira

Madeira Atlantic Festival – Happy?

Fireworks in Funchal
Fireworks in Funchal

The Atlantic Festival, an event that marks the beginning of the summer season in Madeira, will this year integrate a diverse set of initiatives spread throughout the month of June, most importantly the International Fireworks Competition in Madeira; the Madeira Music Festival; the Regional Arts Week; and the “25th Tour of Madeira in Classic Cars – Classic Car Rally”.
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Madeira New Year Fireworks Live Stream

You can watch the famous Madeira New Year’s Fireworks show live … via the following live stream : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/madeira

The broadcast starts today at 23h30 (GMT).

You want a sneak preview of what you can expect to see? Then check the following video of how the city of Funchal greeted the birth of the new year. Video made by Hugo Reis and Victor Freitas. Special thanks to Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts for publishing this video. Continue reading “Madeira New Year Fireworks Live Stream”

Madeira Waterworks

Filmed yesterday … edited in the evening and uploaded at midnight. Result …. a dramatic film (thanks to the music added by Youtube) of the fury of the waves at the marina of Lugar de Baixo.

It is just as spectacular as the New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Funchal (that will take place in a few days).

So here is another event next to the Fireworks on Madeira …. the Waterworks.

A new world record this New Year’s Eve?

This year (and also 1st day of 2010) Madeira expects to re-break the world record for the title of hosting the biggest firework display in the world. A title that was give to Funchal in 2006 by the Guiness Book of Records.

The company Macedo Pyrotechnic, who will be directing the New Year Firework theatrical performance in Funchal, is making preparations for the 8 minutes exhibition … using the Funchalense sky as a stage. There will be over a million protagonists namely lights and colors lighting up the black velvet sky (cross our fingers).

The show is called ‘Ilhas Afortunadas’ (Fortunate Islands) and it consists of launching over 97,000 individual fireworks, … which is a far superior number than the 67,000 that has burned the sky in 2006 and resulted in Madeira earning the Guiness Book of Records title then.

There will be approx. 40 launching points with 17 tonnes of fireworks spread over various locations in Funchal. The island of Porto Santo will not be left behind and will also have its own firework show.
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Festival do Atlântico – Not so Happy

Madeira has this month the International Fireworks Competition during Festival do Atlântico (Festival of Atlantic) in which 4 countries are competing, namely Italy, Russia, Germany and Portugal.

For those that can not be here on Madeira to see the fireworks … just to give to you an idea how it looks like … here is an video of a previous firework competition (before this year).
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International Fireworks Competition

Madeira was referred in the Guinness World Records to have the biggest fireworks event in the world. Maybe you will say to your partner Honey, lets watch the fireworks on Madeira!. We will need to wait till the end of the year? …. Actually, that is not true!

This month the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture organizes the Festival of Atlantic … an important event that combines culture and entertainment. The event will be divided in two main parts namely Madeira Music Festival and the International Fireworks Competition.

In the Fireworks Competition teams from four different countries will compete for putting on the most impressive pyro-musical display ever. This popular event takes place on each Saturday of June and is allegedly watched by thousand and thousand people who have a good view from various spots in the city limits of Funchal.

In the past fireworks in countries like China were used to scare away evil spirits. That was then. Nowadays city like Funchal (Madeira) such displays is intended to pray for happiness and prosperity.

For a detail programme of the Atlantic Festival can be checked out on the Internet at: www.madeiraislands.travel

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