Bailinho da Madeira

I came across the next short film of Anton Withagen from Eindhoven (Netherlands). It gives an impression of the traditional folklore dance called Bailinho da Madeira (The dance of Madeira).

Now … do not go thinking that all inhabitants on the island of Madeira are dressed like this … and that they all love to dance this. If you think that …. then you also believe that all Dutch walks around in wooden shoes and are all living in windmills.

Flower Festival 2006

Yesterday was the main highlight of the traditional Flower Festival of Funchal, the parade of flower. More than 1000 of participants, mainly children, covered with the most beautiful flowers parading the streets of Funchal.

And as I am man of few words … let the pictures tell you how beautiful it was.

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(Update 2006-05-01)
I saw more than hundred photographers walking yesterday around capturing the flower festival with their cameras and I was wondering how many of them will put it (also) online?

Daniel Jove (from Spain)

Capturing the Pro capturing

A few weeks ago my friend Hugo invited me for a levada walk … Queimadas to Caldeirão Verde … the path starts at the guesthouse (Queimadas) and goes through a beautiful emerald green paradise … with waterfalls on the way. It is a moderated walk of approximate 4 hours.

Madeira Images -

Just a simple levada walk … you will think. But in Hugo’s case it was different … namely … he wanted to take pictures of the levada. Not just the standard holidays-pictures … but the more professional approach.

Carrying a Nikon D100 SLR camera, a bag full of films, lenses and a tripod … we went to the levada. I took my faithful Canon PowerShot with me … a little bit ashamed hidden in my bag …

While Hugo took pictures of the beautiful scenery we came across the levada …. I took pictures of him taking the pictures. I must say the images that I took with the PowerShot are not bad … you can see the Pro with his Nikon D100 High performance digital SLR camera in action … capturing Mother Nature’s handwork of waterfalls, levada channels, Laurisilvia offspring and other beauties this wonderful path offers.

Madeira Images -

We also came a couple of tourists on our way. One was even riding on a (mountain)bike … on the levada. Another Spanish tourist wanted to show off to his walking companions by taking a dangerous path that goes right under a waterfall. Hugo captured the moment … and I captured Hugo capturing the moment.

It was a fun day …

Link to Hugo’s website: Madeira


For those who think that life on an island, such as Madeira, is about relaxing … sitting on a terrace …. enjoying the sun and a cold drink …

… that ONLY applies to the tourists! When you decide to live on Madeira than you are not a tourist any more. There is no hotel service … no room cleaning … there is no departure back to home …. And you will need to set-up a life that you normally had when you were in your home country. In fact … this is your new home country … and NOT your holiday destination. Your are part of the community in which you will be categorized as a foreigner resident on the island. You will feel that this time there will be no travel agent or guide waiting for you in the hotel or the airport with a sign. There will be no rental car waiting for you. There is no total of days or weeks you have left over before you leave the country / island and go back home. No …. you have a new home …. and you need to settle and get things organized yourself … a new life.

In other words: it is your turn now to look at the tourists … who a all relaxed … sitting on a terrace .. enjoying the sun and a cold drink …. looking at them while you are carrying 5 plastic bags full of groceries from Modelo going back towards … your home.

Video – Funchal’s Gala-dress

Funchal Gala-dress

I have launched a new video of the Madeira series. A terrific view of the gala-dress that the city of Funchal is wearing during the New Year’s Eve. The lady capital of the island Madeira (Portugal) displays her with lights embroider dress, awaiting the countdown for the fireworks.

This was filmed aboard the catamaran Seaborn and the music is none other performed by the band … The Madeira. For more about this band and the video, follow the links below:

Video Funchal’s Gala-dress (at
Video Funchal’s Gala-dress (at

If you like the music in the film …. it is played by the band ‘The Madeira’. Click on the following image to order the CD.

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