Poncha da Madeira

Poncha da Madeira

The Poncha is a drink originated in India, brought by the British, and adapted by Madeirans. The Indian name given to the drink, namely pãnch, was initially composed by five ingredients: Rice or nut coconut spirit, sugar, tea of fresh herbs, spices and water.

It is believed now that the Poncha has been experienced for the first time outside India, on Madeira Island in the middle of the eighteenth century by the English at that time, during their travels between these parts.

Throughout the nineteenth century the Poncha was a popular drink within the Madeira the more or less wealthy families on the island.

Today, the tradition of Poncha remains very much alive among us, on Madeira, and the instruments used to assist in preparation of these drinks, in essence has not changed much.

In Madeira, this drink was adapted to be used with honey, sugar cane spirit, lemon juice and lemon peel. The Poncha has become very popular due to the fact of being considered a good drink to heal the ills of the throat … has many other things …

When you are on Madeira …. experience a Poncha … and taste the Madeiran culture.

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5 Replies to “Poncha da Madeira”

  1. I love the poncha every weekend, especially with some bites. Pigs ear.

    Can someone help me to get the tols fo making the Poncha.The wooden mixer,,,,,,,,,,

  2. I am looking for Poncha da Madeira in Madrid. Where can I find this product, here in Madrid?

    thanks inadvance for your information.


  3. Ola Emanuel. Muitas pessoas dizem que na Poncha Bar na Serra da Agua que se pode encontrar a melhor poncha da ilha. Eu não sei se é a melhor poncha da ilha, mas o ambiente do ambiente do bar é agradável para tomar uma pochinha … e mais.

  4. Donde puedo encontrar Poncha da Madeira en la provincia de Barcelona.
    Lo tomé en Madeira y me encantó.

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