Bailinho da Madeira

I came across the next short film of Anton Withagen from Eindhoven (Netherlands). It gives an impression of the traditional folklore dance called Bailinho da Madeira (The dance of Madeira).

Now … do not go thinking that all inhabitants on the island of Madeira are dressed like this … and that they all love to dance this. If you think that …. then you also believe that all Dutch walks around in wooden shoes and are all living in windmills.

7 Replies to “Bailinho da Madeira”

  1. love seen my favourite dancing in the world. makes me miss it over there.. thanks for the video. would love to see more

  2. Very nice Don. My family and I incorporate this song and others in our Christmas carols during the holidays.

  3. I am getting married in Madeira in July and would love to hire these for my wedding.Does anybody know how much they charge?

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